When in Manila, A Good Day to Die Hard Opens in Manila

When in Manila, today is a good day to watch A Good Day to Die Hard. An action movie may not be the most perfect and most romantic film for Valentine’s Day, but the action scenes and chases are too intense that you would want to hold the hands of your partner – tighter. 



 I got to watch the premiere of the movie last night, and I survived – even without a date.

gooddaytodiehard001 (Large)

The first few minutes of the film will make you think who is the good guy, the bad guy and who is on the good guy’s side. But as the movie progresses with car chases and death-defying falls, the real story will unfold and you will only wish for the two guys to just keep on shooting and win the battle.




The two guys are Bruce Willis, who is back as John McClane from the Die Hard franchise, and Jai Courtney as Jack – his estranged son.  John and Jack McClane make the movie different from other action films we have seen in the theater as they do not have super-powers like Spiderman, the Avengers or the Transformers. You will see them fall, roll, shoot, get punched and wounded, with their bloody faces and open wounds, which define a real action movie.  This movie has the good old 80’s action movie recipe!

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