El Nido’s LIO is a Foodie’s Haven

El Nido is probably on your bucket list, if you haven’t been there yet. And if you have, you probably loved it, didn’t you? It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and rich marine life. It is a haven for those who like to experience nature at its finest.

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Though the Puerto Princesa route is the most known way to get to E Nido, did you know that El Nido can also be reached via direct flights from Manila? Yup, through Airswift in NAIA’s Terminal 4. It is the best choice as it’ll only take you a little over an hour flying from Manila, and landing in one of the newest developments in El Nido–Lio Tourism Estate. A 400-hectre development that boasts of hotels, retail area, a lagoon, and of course, a white sand beach.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

My favorite part in the property is the retail row where you can find a spa, coffee shop, and restaurants. They have a wide array of cuisines, depending on your taste.

Checking out the restaurants at retail row, my first stop was Pair-A-Dice, a burger bar where you can enjoy home made burger buns and patties. They also serve cocktails and beer, making it a perfect place to relax after a long day of island hopping.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

If you want a taste of world class cuisine, Globy’s offers a variety of food whether Filipino, Indian, American, and more.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

Coffee lovers not need fret as Bead Cafe offers your much-needed dose of caffeine. They also have tea and pastries that you can enjoy while making accessories on their bead table.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

Kick off your flip flops and enjoy some fresh seafood at El Nido grill. We love the fresh seafood in coconut milk! Perfect to pair with rice!

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

If you fancy pizza, Lio has Pizza Amore where they use brick ovens to craft the perfect pizza.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

And then, you can end the night at Pukka Bar where they serve pick-a pick-a and a wide variety of beer, cocktails, and whatever suits your fancy.

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio

You can also hang-out at Manille Beach Bar where you can enjoy specially crafted cocktails. They specialize in cocktails made from local ingredients!

A Foodie's Haven at El Nido's Lio
Unlike most resorts in El Nido, Lio has everything you could ever need during a vacation. Whether you’d like to chill and relax or get active with some adventures, Lio is definitely the place for you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to eat because there are tons of amazing places to get your chow from.

These are just some more reasons to visit El Nido. Come on, book that next flight out to Lio and enjoy the worl’d best island!


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