A Foodgasm of Epic Proportions at G-Spot Burger Bar!

Fresh off the grill and delivered straight to the garage, which turned to a makeshift burger joint, catapulted to G-Spot Burger’s fantastic success today. Opening its doors beyond the University Belt, have the foodgasm of epic proportions by indulging on their shakes, burgers, and more!

Ideal for the college student’s budget, whether single, taken, or with friends, our favorites will surely give you a bang for your buck. Make sure you’ve got clean hands, as everything greasy and messy is going to be lip smacking, and finger licking good!

Spam Fries

IMG_9859(L-R) Spam Fries, Lemonade, S’mores Shake, Iced Tea, Shirley Temple

Your salty Spam pieces sliced thinly and fried into golden brown perfection. A crispy starter, good on its own or enjoyed with any of their best-selling burgers!

Shirley Temple

IMG_9888Shirley Temple

Your cherry flavored soda served with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. Makes me feel like I’m a pin-up girl with my red lipstick on, so sweet and quirky and definitely not overwhelming! It was love at first sip, and who knew cherries would be a good soda flavor?

S’mores Shake

IMG_9890S’mores Shake

As someone perpetually craving the miracle that is Smores, G-Spot Burgers takes it to the next level: your chocolate milkshake with Kitkat bits, with added grahams and toasted marshmallows. As someone who has always been a fan of her chocolate drink served with marshmallows, and her S’mores served separately, G-Spot’s S’mores Shake leaves me reaching for more!

Maria Ozawa

IMG_9870Maria Ozawa and French fries, topped with cheddar cheese sauce: a great sweet and salty mix!

Savory, Japanese sensation meets the hot and humid Philippines, G-Spot’s Maria Ozawa burger surely proves that pineapple goes with everything, including burgers! With the beef patty, with teriyaki sauce, some hickory barbecue, and steaming hot cheddar sauce, this burger is definitely the carnivore’s equivalent of a fresh sushi roll.

Carbo Stacker

IMG_9854Look at all those chips from the Carbo Stacker! Make sure you eat them hot to make sure it’s still fresh and crisp!

Growing up, I’ve always loved eating chips. It’s an afternoon snack time staple! I’ve also grown up eating hash browns for breakfast, so it won’t be of any surprise when I saw these two bad boys on a burger!

Beefy with the right amount of crunch, and tons of carbohydrates (from the bread, chips, and potatoes?!) Big bites are necessary, or else you’d only be getting most of the crunch, or most of the buns for this burger and either way you’ll miss out! A balance of the bun’s softness, and the crunchiness of the hash brown and the chips is always a great thing to try.


Would you also imagine that these burgers cost less than P150?! As someone who’s always in Katipunan, someone perpetually broke because of the cost of her readings, and someone perpetually hungry because of the stress that comes with college life, I would definitely wish for a G Spot Burger Bar branch to be set up in Katipunan! (If they do, I hope they also have tons of sockets and be open 24 hours, perfect for those all-nighters and groupworks!)

G-Spot Burger Bar

1945 Anonas Street NDC Compound Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016

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