A Flight Was Delayed For Hours Because Of A Fight Over The Pilot’s Lunchbox

Anyone who’s traveled on a plane in the Philippines is most likely familiar with the common pet peeve of flight delays. They have been known to stretch on anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Airlines will usually tell us that it’s due to air traffic or weather conditions, but one Bengaluru- Kolkata flight was actually delayed for 2 hours due to a fight over a food container.

India Today reports that one flight delay in India’s Bengaluru airport last June 17 can be attributed to a pilot and cabin crew member’s mealtime conflict. The pair is said to have nearly come to blows right in front of the passengers who had already boarded the plane. Apparently, the pilot had asked the crew member to wash out his lunchbox after he finished eating and the crew member refused.

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Said crew member seemed to be visibly offended which led to a tense disagreement between the two. Eventually, other crew members were forced to intervene before the argument became physical and further scarred the passengers. The fight delayed the flight by nearly 2 hours as management had to replace both pilot and cabin crew member.

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A spokesperson for the airline has assured media that the two have been de-rostered for the time being and that the matter is under investigation.

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