A First Timer’s Diary On Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

I’ve always hated waxing. It hurts like hell and you’re only hairless for a few days.

If you tried other laser hair removal treatments, Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is basically the same but the machines vary depending on what clinic you are visiting.

I went to Skin House Laser, they specialize in laser treatments so I know I was in good hands.

After a quick consultation, I went to the treatment room. I was asked to remove my clothes from the waist down. I lay in their treatment bed exposed- it wasn’t comfortable to be that ‘exposed’ but when the nurse started talking to me and explaining what would happen. I started feeling more relaxed.

She explained that it would feel like a series of flicks and it will target small areas at a time. We started without any numbing cream so it was pretty intense. This is not because the treatment is really painful but because the skin in your intimate area is much more sensitive.

After getting treatment in one small area, I asked for some numbing cream which has to be plastic wrapped for around 20-30 minutes.

Then we proceeded with the Laser Hair Removal again. This time it wasn’t that painful but the sound and slight flicks will always surprise you. I was also very tense but I got through it.

After the treatment, the nurse applied hydrocortisone cream just to reduce the redness. Usually, after any kinds of laser treatment, there will be redness or swelling but luckily I didn’t have any of those. There was no pain afterward and I noticed that there is a bit of shedding of leftover hair that lasted 2-3days.

After around a week or so, I noticed that there were not much hair growth in the area. Just with 1 session done, I’m almost hair-free down there.

After the 1st session, the ideal follow-up session is between 3-4weeks. Usually, it takes 6sessions or more to have totally hair-free and smooth skin. It will be as if no hair was ever there!

What I love about the treatment is that I won’t have to go to the waxing salon every week. It is also very quick, 1 session is less than an hour. Though many people think that Laser Hair Removal treatments are very expensive, think again. Because you just have to do the Laser treatments a few times, it is actually cheaper than the weekly waxing treatments.

I’m about to get my 2nd session, i’ll let you know what happens!

Skin House


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