A Filipino Version of “Takeshi’s Castle” Is Coming Soon

Remember “Takeshi’s Castle”? Well, Prime Video Philippines is set to release a rebooted version of the classic Japanese game show with a Filipino twist!

The show’s script will reportedly be “creatively refurbished” to include elements that resonate with Filipino audiences. It will even feature three hosts, dubbed “Mariteses,” who will meet up at a sari-sari store to emulate the local neighborhood culture in the Philippines.

“The Mariteses will meet up at a sari-sari store and the episodic edit will cut to the three hosts in between games to hear their quips on the games and contestants and inject their own comedic twist to the Japanese game show,” the statement said.

Although the new hosts are yet to be announced, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Pinoy version of “Takeshi’s Castle” will have eight episodes and will be available for streaming exclusively on Prime Video by the end of the year.

You may also watch the original ’90s game show through Prime Video.

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Photo: Amazon Studios

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