A Filipino-Chinese organization is bringing Crazy Rich Asians to UST

The UST Scarlet, is the university-wide Filipino and Chinese, multicultural socio-civic organization of the University of Santo Tomas.

With that said, the organization is breaking barriers between different cultures and ethnicities, and promoting unity in diversity.

The 58-year-old organization is having their first all-out collaboration event, with the theme Crazy Rich Asians.

A Chinoy or Tsinoy is a Philippine national of Chinese descent, who is born or raised in the Philippines.  The word is derived from “Chinese” and “Pinoy,” the local slang for “Filipino”.

crazy chinoy thomasians

The UST Scarlet General Assembly 2019 will be held on November 15, 2019, at the AMV Multi-purpose Hall, University of Santo Tomas – España, with the theme, “Crazy Rich Thomasians”. The collaboration event seeks to bring together 5 units of Scarlet community namely: Scarlet Commerce, Scarlet Pharmacy, Scarlet Science, Scarlet Architecture, and Scarlet Accountancy, to learn more about the FIlipino-Chinese culture. This event shall strengthen the unity among the members of Scarlet community and give an insight of the Chinoy culture with anecdotes, stories and co-curricular activities.