A.D. (After Death): Survival Tips to New Beginnings


            The PUP Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations present a zombie apocalypse theme. It is a three-sequel seminar tackling the different struggles and emotional problems in the industry.

To end the sequel, a mini seminar entitled “A.D. (After Death): Survival Tips to New Beginnings” will happen on the 30th of August, 2017 at 5 PM in PUP Theater, Sta. Mesa, Manila. The seminar’s topic goes beyond emotional problems in the industry and the cure for these, making the people more aware of their mental and emotional health as they go along their journey of success. Speakers from different fields of the advertising industry, as well as a clinical psychologist, will explain deeper what goes through a human body when he/she experiences emotional problems most especially in the world of advertising. This will make the audience aware of the circumstances that may trigger even in their young age.

            You can find more on their page facebook.