A Cookie Mixed with Potato Chips? Check out Moloko Cookies’ Unique Cookie Flavors!

Words by Marielle Balmores

Photos by Vivien Del Valle

Featured Photo from the Facebook Page of Moloko Handcrafted Cookies


If you’re down for crazy concepts for cookies or simply a next-level upgrade from the classics you adore, this cookie brand will definitely get you LOKO! 

From the Russian word “Moloko,” meaning milk, Moloko Cookies is a husband-wife owned brand that started in March last year by Billy and AJ Cabal. Because the former is a chef with a sweet tooth, he experimented with various ingredients and processes in the search of the best cookie recipe. Having his friends test out his extra cookies from many baking batches, he received positive reviews from them which was enough encouragement to make a business revolving around them. Aside from prioritizing health and sanitation in their baking, being able to think outside the box and create various flavors in their menu is taken very seriously in order to stand out from the rest. 

Let’s scroll down to see their different cookie flavors!

Hot Mess

TBH, mood. And yes, that is a potato chip peeking through the golden-brown cookie. Pretty bizarre, but there are no limitations to making cookie flavors, right? This chunky cookie is mixed with sweetness from the M&Ms (heavy emphasis on no limitations) and saltiness from the chips and pretzels, which only leads to a medley of flavors in our tastebuds in one satisfying crunch! 

moloko cookies gourmet 1


NY-Style Chips n’ Chunks

If you’re up for a massive NY-style cookie overloaded with chocolate chunks, this is the one for you. In a snap, there you see the gooey chocolate filling inside! The chocolate craze has another addition over here! If this captivates you already, check out our video where we tear this mouth-watering baby in half!

moloko cookies gourmet 2

Milk Noir (left) & Pecan Butterscotch (right)

Don’t fool this cookie as coal! Noir, which is French for dark, is a great way to describe the burnt-like appearance. Avec les pépites de chocolat au lait, cet biscuit est noir comme le ciel nocturne. 

(Translation: No, it’s not burnt! With milk chocolate chips, this cookie is dark like the night sky.)

See how those pecans are displayed out in the open? Looks heavenly if you ask me. If you enjoy cookies with nuts for a crisper experience, this cookie may suit your cravings! Also, there’s butterscotch to sweeten it up more!

moloko cookies gourmet 3

Super Choco Chips

Here’s another take on a classic cookie that we all grew up and love, but with additional big chunks of chocolate alongside the common chocolate chips! Just thinking how these chunks are going to melt in your mouth is exciting. Nothing can go wrong with an oldie but goodie.

moloko cookies gourmet 4


Matcha Chunks

The hype for matcha is never-ending! It’s even more fun because the matcha chocolate chunks they use in this cookie are handmade. Worth the bite. Matcha enthusiasts, this one is for you!

moloko cookies gourmet 5


Did I awaken the Cookie Monster in you? Oh, my bad! (Not really…)

If you want to calm that crazy monster in you, it’s time to check out Moloko Cookies! They offer also more flavors aside from the ones we shared. If you’re interested in ordering from them, leave them a message on their pricelist because prices change and they update their menu regularly too!

What are you waiting for? Get those cookies!

cookie monster

Moloko Handcrafted Cookies



Which cookie flavor caught your attention the most? Share your thoughts with us!