A Closer Look To Zeenoh’s Founder: JD Abenaza



Philippine based game designing studio, Zeenoh, has been gaining much attention for its innovative and highly creative Filipino inspired game called “Nightfall” – a first person survival game that features very Pinoy elements like Aswang, White Lady, and Paring Pugot. With all the recognition and press coverage of the much loved game, founder JD Abenaza is more than happy with the team’s achievements. They were able to fly over to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, and have also been present on different exhibitions like Blogapalooza.


All this achievements would be nothing if Zeenoh’s Founder – JD Abenaza – did not push through his dreams and started out the game designing studio in 2008. A young dreamer and a recent achiever of the PCCI Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award, JD Abenaza believes that there is still more to achieve than where he is today.


Just like most kids, JD found his love for games at a young age. When he was 7 years old, he dreamed of creating video games himself and even owning his very own studio. Roughly 24 years later, here he is, managing a company that boasts itself with creative and passionate people, creating games inspired by their very own culture and heritage.

He took up software development in 2004, and worked on multiple developer roles on several companies, both full time and freelance. By 2008, he started out Zeenoh, where he created original games that are made available on smartphones. He took third-party game development projects and hired more people to help him out on his entrepreneurial venture. In 2010, his small team released “Patintero Playtime”, a Filipino themed game that was made available in iOS.

Fast forward to 2015, Zeenoh has released their most ambitious game to date, “Nightfall”, and JD recently bagged an award for his achievements. He hopes that in 5 years, Zeenoh will be able to play a bigger role in the video game and entertainment market worldwide. He also hopes to lead the entire creative and technology industry in the Philippines in the future.


As for what’s next to his gaming studio, JD says that they are more than ready to release the full version of Nightfall early 2016, as well as the early access of their new game entitled “Orient Blade”. You may vote for their ventures at Steam through https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539580301.