A Christmas Eve deed witnessed along Taft Avenue will make you “aww”!

Just when hope is lost in the world, there is a little light seeping in at the end of the tunnel.

During Christmas evening last Sunday, citizen  Jethro Trogo witnessed something (initially) fishy along Taft Avenue, but was delighted to see what was revealed moments after he took notice of what was happening.

With a photo and a brief description of the scene, Trogo saw “bikers handing out packed meals with smiles and warm greetings of Merry Christmas” to garbage sifters which consisted of both adults and kids.

” I overheard them counting the collectors and one of them saying “yan, yang mga yan” like they were about to do something them,” his post reads.

“I thought, what a perfect time to commit a crime, when everybody’s busy with Noche Buena. Mind started racing looking back to see if the nearby guards can provide backup, or to be honest, if I should just run. Then the unthinkable happened.”

He took a photo and uploaded this on his Facebook account.

Isn’t this such a nice gesture? What a wonderful thing to witness during the warmest of holidays. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photo above. Credits go to Jethro Trogo.