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Darren Espanto Signs His First Exclusive Network Contract

“I am now a certified Kapamilya,” Darren Espanto announced on social media following “Keep Shining: The Darren Espanto Network Contract Signing.” The event marked the singer/actor’s first network affiliation by signing an exclusive contract with …
Darren Espanto meets Jessie J

Jessie J Just PRAISED Darren Espanto!!

Really exciting things ahead for Darren! The 14-year-old met Jessie J after serving as the latter’s opening act for her one-night-only show at the Kia Theater last night! The famous British singer-songwriter definitely had some …
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Meet the Newest P-pop Girl Group, R Rules

Four-piece girl group R Rules are set to make a splash in the music scene with their empowering anthems. Giving value to pop music through their hard work and universal appeal, the promising rookies are …