96-Year-Old Man Turns Home Into ‘Rainbow Village’ and Saves It From Demolition

Taiwan’s famous ‘Rainbow Village’ has become a tourist hot-spot. It’s now one of those places you’re likely to spot on the Instagram feed of anyone visiting Taiwan. But it wasn’t always like that. 

Photo from 1949 Rainbow

This little village located in Taichung was practically a ghost town just a few years ago. A former resident area for retired soldiers, Nantun District’s population had dwindled to only 11 houses in recent years. As such, the Taiwanese government planned to demolish the unoccupied houses in the village.

Those plans were halted when the district began attracting attention from visitors. This is because Huang Yung-Fu, a 96-year-old veteran, slowly started to transform the area. It was kicked off with the designs he painted on his own house, displaying colorful animals and patterns. His project then migrated to the neighboring walls and houses. 

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Soon people took notice of the unique look of the place. Many tourists even go out of their way to make it a day trip in their itineraries. As one of the most visited attractions in Taichung, the government couldn’t possibly continue their plans for demolition. 

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Huang continues his work on the village until today, maintaining the paint job and looking after any touch-ups needed. Apparently, he wakes up as early as 3 am to start painting. His dedication goes as far as to say he will be painting until he is 100 years old. 

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Tourists affectionately call him ‘Rainbow Grandpa’ and nothing could be more apt! 

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