911 Really Does Work: Netizen Shares Experience

More and more people are sharing online their experience with the newly established Philippine emergency hotline. Clear proof that the service really does work. In one of the newest testimonials online, Eniale Dee shares their experience through a Facebook post.

This is what Eniale wrote:

“911 in the Philippines really does freakin work!!!! I am amazed! Our car broke down in the middle of Ortigas, rain started to pour and we were stuck! I have no one to call and ask help from. As in zero! Wititit! My dad called 911 and help came!!!! Towed us back home at eto ang pinaka masaya na part… Walang bayad!!!!!! At super bait pa ng mga respondents from MMDA!!!! Good job Pilipinas! We are getting there!!!! Thank you sa lahat, from the very proactive operator who answered our call, the mmda 1st responder in bike, and most of all to the MMDA emergency road assistance team of Ortigas Flyover!!!!”

What do you think of this story? Ever had an encounter with this new service as well? Share with us your experience!

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