The 90s Movie ‘Jawbreaker’ is Being Turned into a TV Show!

The 90s were great. I miss the 90s. I miss how simple fashion was, how many boy bands there were, how cute the celebrities were, how awesome the TV shows were, and how dark-but-not-really some of the movies were.

One of those dark-but-not-really movies was ‘Jawbreaker’, a movie that is apparently being turned into a TV show. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that just yet as the cast will play a huge part in making or breaking this project. After all, starring Rose McGowan (from ‘Charmed’, which might be getting a reboot, FYI!), Judy Greer, Julie Benz and Rebecca Gayheart; we can all but hope that the cast of the upcoming TV series has the same demeanour and cold stares as the original cast of the movie.

Jawbreaker Movie

If you haven’t seen ‘Jawbreaker’ yet, it is basically a high school barkada movie… but with dark undertones. The gist? A barkada of high school girls accidentally kill one of their friends with a jawbreaker candy. According to, though, the TV show won’t follow the same plot as the movie. For starters, the main cast members won’t be in high school. Secondly, the death will happen at a bachelorette party in Beverly Hills.

So maybe the only actual thing the movie and TV show will have in common will be the jawbreaker candy?

Either way, with the success of TV shows with similar plots and dark undertones, like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Riverdale’, this might do really well, too. Until then, I’d highly recommend watching the actual 1999 ‘Jawbreaker’ movie. Here’s the trailer: