90s Kids, A Lisa Frank Makeup Collection is Coming Our Way

90s kids will definitely remember the vibrant colours and vivid images that Lisa Frank provided during our childhood. Now that we’re all grown up and are fans of makeup, this Kickstarter campaign is about to make our Lisa Frank makeup dreams come true.
Lisa Frank Makeup

This, for starters, a Lisa Frank blush brush that indie brand Glamour Dolls Makeup brought to life. It has pink bristles and Lisa Frank’s unforgettable unicorns all over the handle. GORGEOUS.

Thanks to the campaign that they started and successfully raised enough money for, it looks like they will be able to make 6 more amazing limited edition products to add to the Lisa Frank awesomeness. The best part? They will ensure that the entire collection is vegan and cruelty-free.

The campaign reads, “This Kickstarter party is for you, the fans. For the makeup addicts that have always wanted to name a product. For the Lisa Frank fanatics who dreamed of working closely with their inspiration. Kickstarter is a place where creators and fans can work together and interact with the development process- we love that.”

The collection is said to include highlight powder, matte mouse, liquid liner, lip balm, lipstick and even a vegan leather makeup bag. Want to get your hands on these babies? Make sure you put in your pledge soon!

Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank