9-Year-Old Filipino Songwriter Sky Sarmiento Wrote Banda ni Kleggy’s New Song ‘Boy Bente’

Banda Ni Kleggy has returned with their latest single called “Boy Bente”. Following their emotional track “Bahay Kubo” which sings about heartaches and big dreams. “Boy Bente” is a track about how money is through the eyes of a child.

“Boy Bente” is written by a 9-year-old Filipino songwriter Sky Sarmiento, who is the son of 6cyclemind and Banda ni Kleggy guitarist Rye Sarmiento.

Banda ni Kleggy with Sky Sarmiento

Photo: Banda ni Kleggy

During Sky’s vacation in his dad’s province of Tarlac, he encounters numerous occasions with other entrepreneurial slash mischievous kids and their relationship with Php 20.00 (bente pesos). It describes Sky’s experience on how young kids “earn” bente one task at a time. With this mere amount, Sky sees chores done, requests granted and more.

Inspired by these experiences, Sky immediately writes “Boy Bente” upon their family’s return to Manila. Banda ni Kleggy (BNK) upon hearing Sky’s song, decides to collaborate with him and bring life to the song. With BNK’s arrangement and flavor, they hope to realize Sky’s anthem for young rascals.

Watch the lyric video below:

The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms.