9 Ways To Declutter Your Space

With the start of 2018, a lot of us probably want to see something new in the things that seem to be constant. One example: the space that we live in.

Whether it’s a house that you own or an apartment that you share with friends or even just a room that you call your own, a fresh version of your surroundings can definitely help in ushering in a new year. The state of your environment can greatly affect your life and how you live it.

A change in your surroundings can cause a change in your lifestyle. And if this is what you want, then you should start with letting go of some things of the past–in other words, decluttering.

Of course, a lot of us know that this is not so easy. So, here are a few creative tips to help you declutter your space.

9. Make a list.

Make a list of the areas that you want to declutter.  You may even want to ienclude a schedule of when you’d want to focus on a certain area.

You can be as broad as you want, but of course, it will definitely help if you can narrow down your list so that you can really focus. You can list down your closet, your bathroom, your kitchen, your study table–be as thorough as you can to make sure you miss no spot!

8. Challenge yourself to have a capsule wardrobe.

Having a capsule wardrobe means having a wardrobe with only a certain number of timeless pieces that can always give us something to wear. So, these are the pieces that you’d have to really love.

This is great to do because it allows you to have a lot more space in your closet for other things, it allows you to have your own style, and it really challenges you to be creative with the pieces that you wear.

7. Use the Four-Box Method.

This one’s pretty simple. One the day that you plan to declutter, put out for boxes and label them: trash, give away, keep, or relocate.

If you’re a sentimental one, this is probably going to be a little difficult the first time. But try to do it regularly and you’ll slowly see the difference in your space.

6. Aim to fill one trash bag.

Set a date to just throw away stuff in your space that you don’t need. Just grab one trash bag and go around your space looking for things to throw away. With the aim to fill one trash bag, you’ll be able to push yourself to really throw away the things you don’t need.

5. Give one item a day.

If you’re not one to throw away things, what you can do is to give them away instead. Aim to give at least one item a day for a year. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone–declutter your space and make somebody’s day!

4. Be imaginative.

Thinking of all sorts of situations can push you to finally declutter. Imagine if your boss were to show up at your space. What would you want him or her to see?

3. Ask the right questions.

While decluttering, it also helps to ask yourself the right questions. For example, when cleaning out your closet and looking at each item, ask yourself, “If I was in a store, would I buy this again?”

Or you can even just ask yourself if it’s an item you use regularly or if you’re certain that you love a certain item, just ask why.

2. Set a schedule.

Set a goal for the year. You can set daily goals, weekly goals, or even monthly goals. Know what you want to get rid of for each schedule that you set. And stick to it!

1. Make it fun!

Invite your closest friends to help you declutter. They can even help you get into the right mindset when decluttering. Having an outsider’s perspective will also detach you from your items, making it easier to let go of your things.

Do you have your own tips in decluttering? Share it with us!

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