9 Reasons Why “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”s Peter Kavinsky is the Best Fake Boyfriend

Words by John Peter Himor


If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’re completely missing out on such a cute and super nakakakilig movie! More specifically, you’re not getting your daily dose of Peter Kavinsky, one of the five boys that Lara Jean Covey has loved before, and one of the boys that we love right now!

Whether you haven’t watched the movie or you have but need some kind of refresher from why Peter Kavinsky is the best “fake” boyfriend to have his hand on your back pocket, we have listed down these nine reasons why.

9. He knows how to show you off.

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When you’re dating Peter Kavinsky, everyone will know about it. It’s not just because he’s the most popular guy in the cafeteria, but also because he loves you enough to brag about you to everyone. And if we learned anything from that smooth pocket spin he did, it’s that Peter can pull off the romantic theatrics!

8. Your family will love him!

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You won’t have to keep your relationship a secret to your family if your boyfriend’s going to be Peter Kavinsky. He’s ultra-charming and gentlemanly that not even your family could say no to his dopey little face. Peter knows how to get along and have fun with your ratty siblings. And if he makes you all happy and giddy inside, I’m sure he’ll get the approval of your parents as well.

7. You go on cute dates.

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Rather than staying in a party getting all down and drunk, Peter would call you to get some food and milkshakes from your favorite cafe instead. He knows that you’ll both better enjoy each other’s company over good food, great stories, and unforgettable memories.

6. He does little gestures to make you happy.

All of us want to feel appreciated, and Peter would go out of his way to make sure you’re happy throughout the day. He would pick you and your sisters up and drive you to school in his Jeep every day. He would pass you those sweet little notes to compliment you at any time.

You would also watch interesting double features like Sixteen Candles and Fight Club, just to get a glimpse of each other’s taste in movies. And sure, in the movie all of these things were agreed upon by Peter and Lara Jean as part of their contract. But the more they do these cute hangout dates, the clearer it is that Peter isn’t doing these things for the sake of the contract; it’s because he’s already falling for our LJ!

5. He loves taking photos of you two.

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Peter Kavinsky’s camera roll in his phone is sure to be filled with pictures of you both during your date nights! He wants to take those little remembrances from your dates so he can look at them and think about you when you’re not together. It’s also 100% likely that he’ll tag you in your embarrassing photos and comment “Bae” which will make you very mad but also a bit kilig!

4. He’s adorkably sweet!

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He may be part of the lacrosse team and he may be the most popular guy in school, but Peter Kavinsky is still an undeniable dork. He’ll use you as a pillow and give you cute cuddles on your bus trip back home. He’ll endearingly call you by your last name, and even be obviously jealous when he learns you sent love letters to four more guys.

3. He loves Yakult!

Okay, we’re going to give Peter and the rest of the cast a pass for calling our beloved Yakult a “Korean yogurt smoothie” but all is well because of how much Peter loves Yakult just as much as we do. It’s pretty clear though that Peter loves you more than his favorite probiotic drink. If your man is willing to go across town just to get you your daily Yakult fix, then that man’s a keeper!

2. He knows how to listen.

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Get you a man who is sincere when he listens to your ramblings or your heart-to-heart talks. Peter Kavinsky will make sure you feel safe and assured to share your thoughts and stories with him. He also knows how to keep the conversation going, such that you go way past bedtime to chat.

1. He looks at you some different kind of way

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As what Lucas said in the movie, Peter looks at you like “like you’re a sexy little Rubik’s cube–he can’t quite figure you out, but he’s having a lot of fun trying.” He knows that he may never fully get to know everything about you, but that will not stop him from looking at you and trying.

We cannot contain ourselves from feeling all the feels with Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! What’s your favorite Peter Kavinsky moment? Share them with us below!