9 Reasons Why Nick Young is the Potential Son-In-Law Asian Moms Would Love

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Crazy Rich Asians has been a trending movie lately, so, naturally, I dedicated time to watch it as well. Together with my mom, aunts, and cousin, we went and basked in the glory of all the hot, Asian men in the movie, and all the gorgeous women I wished was me.

After the movie, my mom suddenly said, “Ganyan [Nick Young] dapat ang standard mo sa asawa.” [That should be your standard for a husband.]


And you know what? She isn’t wrong. Nick Young has the qualities every Asian mom would go gaga over. On the way home, all I kept hearing was my relatives fangirling over him and his hot bo—

ANYWAY. Here are 10 reasons why Nick Young is the perfect potential son-in-law all Asian moms would surely love.

9. He’s loyal

Even after being confined in a ship filled with half-naked women, he tried to find ways off of it. His resistance to temptation is all thanks to Rachel Chu, who was the only girl on his mind. Fortunately, they managed to get off the boat, where he proved his undying loyalty more by confessing to his friend that he was planning to propose.


8. He’s a gentleman

Some girls like those bad boys but most girls love a gentleman. Nick Young never fails to handle women so gently, whether it’s Rachel or his grandmother. Besides that, he picks his battles wisely. Never letting his temper out of hand, he finds discreet yet simple ways to handle it without making a ruckus.


7. His accent

Where do you find a Chinese with a British accent? We all know accents are every girl’s weakness. Especially here in Asia, an accent is a one-way ticket to make any girl swoon.


6. His physique

No one can deny that Nick Young has an…incredible form. Not too buff and not too skinny, Nicky knows how to stay in shape despite his busy New York life. This says a lot about how he can prioritize and manage his time well. Asian mom-approved!

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5. He works hard

One of the most frequent questions we all hear when it comes to having a significant other is, “What does he do for a living?” It’s a standard to know someone is doing something with his life, so parents would feel secure knowing their daughter can be supported after marriage.


4. He’s family-oriented

It’s a common Asian quality to be family-oriented. We cultivate close family ties and know that no matter what happens in life, family is the one thing that always remains constant. For Nick Young, although he knows that his family can be quite a pain, he’ll still be there for them every step of the way—which is what anyone would want for their own family.


3. He’s independent

Who wants a guy who can’t stand on his own two feet? Nick Young, although lives far away from his family, lived life on his own, putting his family’s wealth aside. He has a job, his own money, his own home. Compare that to a man living off from his parent’s money.


2. He has a “comfortable” lifestyle

Let’s face it, every mom wants their own child to live a “comfortable” life. Nick Young can provide that for Rachel. And, a plus point is that even if he has all the money in the world, he’s still modest as hell. Jackpot.


1. A man who knows what matters most

Nick Young knows what matters most in his life. If his girlfriend needs his attention, he’ll come running in a jiffy. When family calls for help, he’ll be there too.

The best kind of man is knowing who comes first, whenever, wherever.

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