9 movies and series that people would find offensive if they aired now

Humor has changed a lot over the years. What was considered funny once before can be completely and totally offensive in the present. There were things that aired over the years that can be questionable or even just plain rude at worst. We’ve had a plethora of these movies and shows but here are 9 that we especially think will offend audiences today.

9. White Chicks

Makin’ my way downtown / walkin’ fast / faces pass / and I’m homebound / tenenenenen. This movie has been quoted to death by everyone and their mother. The Wayans brothers comedy has been considered classic comedy by many. But people are rewatching it and calling it offensive for its sexist jokes and the use of the n-word. It’s been a while since this aired and it was truly a product of its time.

8. Friends

Friends is a classic. There are so many quotable quotes and episodes that are completely timeless. But rewatching it in the now shows a lot of problematic behavior. Take Ross and Rachel for example, their relationship is completely toxic. And fat-shaming Monica while trying to frame it as comedy? That feels a little uncool. Homophobia and transphobia are also deeply-rooted in this show, especially with how Chandler handles his father.

7. American Pie

This film has like, 100000 sequels. And while it was a product of its time, even audiences from that generation thought it too vulgar and sexist. It certainly wouldn’t fly today. That poor pie.

6. The Honeymooners

This was a series that ran in the 50s and made blatant jokes about domestic violence. That in itself is already pretty telling of the humor at the time and we’re pretty sure it would not get very good reviews from today’s audiences.

5. Early James Bond movies

Some classics just don’t age well and James Bond isn’t an exception to this. Early films had 007 so aggressive with women that it was questionable and even sexist, some even called him a rapist. Racism was also something that was a product of the time and it’s not surprising that the phrase “little brown pointy heads” was uttered. This would very much not sit well if it aired today. Tbh, even Skyfall has him hopping into the shower with a woman, something pretty skeezy to me.

4. Heil Honey I’m Home

I think this speaks for itself, really.

3. Soul Man

Law school is crazy expensive. So what’s a white guy to do? Blackface. For a scholarship. Yeah, this movie didn’t age very well. It was considered a comedy at the time but I don’t think a lot of people are laughing anymore.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is pretty classic but a big part of why it’s on this list is Mr. Yunioshi who was played by a white man. He was supposed to be Holly’s Japanese landlord but became a caricature instead–an offensive one at that. He might not feature prominently in the film but there’s enough of him around to make anyone uncomfortable.

1. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

This aired in 2007 and it pains me to see that even in 2007 we endured these homophobic storylines and gay stereotypes. Chuck and Larry must enter into a domestic partnership so Larry can increase his life insurance policy and make his children the primary beneficiaries but it can only be a spouse. So he remarries–and it’s Chuck. Rampant with homophobic jokes, this movie shouldn’t have aired at all, IMO.

Are there any other movies or series you think belong on this list? Let us know! 

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