9 Gifts You Should Get For Yourself This Christmas

Now that you’re probably done buying gifts for anyone and everyone you know, the shopping doesn’t really end there. Don’t forget about yourself!

While you’ve already probably bought a lot of stuff for yourself throughout the year (no judgment there!), the holiday season is one of the times that you can freely enjoy buying presents for yourself. If you’re still wondering what to get for yourself as a last-minute (or additional) Christmas gift, here are a few of our recommendations from Shopee that you’ll surely enjoy:

9. Sleep Spray

sleep spray

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This sleep spray claims to help you fall asleep a lot easier and faster. Just a few sprays of this bad boy on your pillow and you’re bound to be dreaming in no time. A lot of reviewers rave about how effective this spray actually is!

If you’re having a bit of trouble falling asleep at night, then this will definitely be a great gift for yourself. Buy this sleep spray here!

8. Electric Massager


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Do you get stressed so easily most of the time? We know the feeling. Gift yourself endless days of relaxation with this electric massager. No need to find a spa every day just for a bit of comfort! Get rid of all those tight knots in your muscles yourself. Buy this electric massager here!

7. Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

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We know what a hassle it is to have to clean your floors every day after going through a whole day of hard work. So, make your daily routine a lot more convenient with this robot vacuum cleaner. Imagine all the time you can have to rest while you let this vacuum clean your floors! Buy this robot vacuum here!

6. Shower Melts

shower melts

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If you want to make your showers a lot more relaxing and a bit more indulgent, you should get this set of shower melts. These shower melts work just like bath bombs, except you won’t need your own tub to enjoy relaxing aromatherapy at home. Just set these shower melts in your shower and let the scents and oils envelop you as you clean yourself. Buy these shower melts here!

5. Foldable Bathtub

foldable bathtub

Photo from Shopee

Do you prefer bath bombs? Then take this as a sign to finally get that trending foldable bathtub for yourself if you haven’t yet. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath at the end of every day with this foldable bathtub. Buy it here!

4. Scalp Brush

scalp brush

Photo from Shopee

If you’re someone who enjoys head massages, then you’ll enjoy having this scalp brush. Not only will you enjoy a cleaner scalp, but it also gives awesome head massages. Your bathtime will definitely be a lot more relaxing from here on out. Buy this scalp brush here!

3. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

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Why look for someone to hug you as you sleep if you can just get this comfy weighted blanket? This premium weighted blanket will make your night’s sleep extra warm and cozy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy sleeping in even more. Buy this weighted blanket here!

2. Mini Fridge

mini fridge

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Love having snacks and cold drinks within your reach at all times? Treat yourself to this personal mini fridge! It won’t take up that much space, but it’s definitely useful for having extra storage space for food. Plus, cold drinks straight from the fridge are always awesome. Buy this mini fridge here!

1. Snack Box


Photo from Shopee

Who says you can’t get surprise gift boxes and care packages for yourself? This snack box contains a variety of Korean goodies that you can enjoy all by yourself. It’s also the experience of opening the gift box that makes this treat even more lovable. Buy this snack box here!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones shown in the pictures.

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