80KPH: Kagalingang Pinaghirapan

Detour Poster

UP Sigma Delta Phi’s 80th anniversary celebration, 80KPH: Kagalingang Pinaghirapan, celebrates freedom, rebellion, and the pursuit of a greater cause, all of which will be realized through a series of events that highlight the students’ passion, talents, and skills in arts and craft. This February, we invite the youth to reinvent themselves and dare to be different through the activities offered in our celebration. This will be a two-day event hosted by the University of the Philippines Sigma Delta Phi Sorority and Smart Communications.

The much-awaited UP Powercard, the first discount card in the university open to all UP students and alumni, will be launched. Through Detour: Art Ahead, we invite that inner you to be bold and brave. Come and visit us at the AS Parking Lot on February 22, 2013 and try out our dare booths such as hair color, hair shaving, tattoo booth, and nail art. Paint! Dine! Skate! And dare yourself to do the unexpected! Express yourself at the comic canvass, dine with us in our grand buffet, enjoy our skate park, and get a chance to win awesome prizes throughout the day courtesy of our partner sponsors. 

Experience freedom through dance in Rogue Rage on February 23, 2013 at Eden Night Club, a dance festival with an on-the-spot freestyle dance competition. Get a chance to win cash prizes for the best dance crew! For more details visit us at www.facebook.com/80KPH.

UP PowerCard

The UP PowerCard, the first and only privilege card exclusive to all UP students and alumni, was launched in January of 2010 by UP Sigma Delta Phi. The card, which only costs PhP 250.00 for students and PhP400.00 for alumni, entitles its holders to privileges and discounts from over 150 partner establishments like Fully Booked, SMART, MoMo Café, Microtel, Mr. Jones and Birkenstock. The UP PowerCard will be launched on February 22, 2013, 10:00 am at the AS Parking Lot during Detour: Art Ahead as part of UP Sigma Delta Phi’s 80th anniversary celebration, 80KPH: Kagalingang Pinaghirapan. This project is also powered by SMART Communications.

Detour: Art Ahead

Dare to be different, dare to be brave. Join us as we celebrate our 80th anniversary celebration, 80 KPH: Kagalingang Pinaghirapan, on February 22, 2013 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the AS Parking Lot as we celebrate the meaning of true talent through a series of events! Dare to color your hair, get a tattoo, paint your nails and learn to skate! See an art exhibition and express yourself at our comic canvass. Get a chance to win gift certificates from Aloha Boardsports, MoMo, Mr. Jones, Claw Daddy, New Orleans and many more! For details visit us at www.facebook.com/80KPH. This event is hosted by UP Sigma Delta Phi Sorority and SMART Communications.


Rogue Rage


80 years of hard work and excellence, 80 KPH: Kagalingang Pinag-hirapan, will culminate with a freestyle dance competition, Rogue Rage, on February 23, 2013, 9:00 pm at the Eden Night Club in Eastwood. Interested dance crews (either by pair or group) may join by uploading a 30-second video of them dancing on www.facebook.com/80KPH. Only the crews belonging to the top 6 videos with the most likes on Facebook will be qualified to compete during Rogue Rage. The winners will be judged based on audience impact alone and the top three contestants will win PhP 15,000, PhP 10,000 and PhP 5,000 respectively. This event is hosted by UP Sigma Delta Phi Sorority and SMART Communications. 

80KPH: Kagalingang Pinaghirapan

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