8 Tips on Becoming A Better Morning Person

As a nocturnal who’s always awake until the wee hours of the night, it’s no shock to me that my mornings always start late. While I’ve been used to it, I know that it’s not quite the best thing for my body. I still long for the days when I actually get to see the sun rise and hear the birds sing while feeling the chilly breeze of dawn.

I’m pretty sure that this is true for a lot of us, especially in this age of social media where you just scroll and scroll in bed before going to sleep and before you know it it’s already 1 AM. We’ve all been there; no judgments.

There’s just really something about having a great morning that sets the tone for the day–a morning that’s relaxed, and not having to rush because of waking up too late.

It’s never too late to start a new habit. So, I’ve looked up a few tips on how to be a better morning person. Check them out below:

8. Get relaxed the night before.


It helps to have a fixed bedtime. Set an alarm about 30 minutes before the time that you have to be in bed so that by then, you can turn off your gadgets and start to get ready for sleep. It’s very helpful to have your gadgets out of reach at least half an hour before going to sleep because it’s the lights coming from your screen that’s actually keeping you awake.

Soothing oils and dim lights can also help relax your body for sleep. Try lavender oils and dim yellow lights to get you feeling relaxed and drowsy.

Drink a glass of warm milk! It helps, too.

7. Set alarms.


No snoozing! Put your alarm across the room so that you’d be forced to get up when turning it off. You can also check out apps that force you to answer arithmetic questions or take a certain picture before you can finally turn your blaring alarm off. It works so well!

6. Romanticize your morning routine.


Make it all about you. Think of your mornings as your daily “me-time.” Who wouldn’t want that? If there are things that you enjoy doing in the morning, put it on your schedule! Want to read a chapter of your favorite book before taking a long warm bath?

Pencil it in!

Be sure to put things that you truly enjoy so that you’ll be sure to have something to look forward to every morning. And make sure that it’s scheduled on your morning routine so that you wouldn’t have to be worried about being late for school or work.

5. Make your bed ASAP.


It’s such a small task, but at least being able to finish one task as soon as you wake up sets off your day as a productive one. Plus, having an already made bed will make it very hard for you to go back to bed.

4. Have a fun music playlist for the morning.


Nothing like a good set of songs to get your mood up in the morning. Mornings won’t ever be boring with the right playlist. It could be something else to look forward to every morning!

You can start off your playlist with something slow and relaxing for those few moments of “me-time” in your routine then gradually build it up to something upbeat to get you dancing while doing the important things.

3. Start the day with the positivity.


As soon as you open your eyes, don’t instantly start complaining. Be thankful that you’re awake! You can even quote your favorite inspirational quote out loud so that you instantly have something good to start the day with.

Do something that increases your own positivity. Find something that inspires you then incorporate it into your morning routine. Read a good book, listen to motivational speakers, or pray! Nothing like starting the day on good vibes.

2. Have a good breakfast.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But aside from this, there’s nothing like good food to instantly perk up your mood! Plus, you’ll get the energy you’ll need for the day.

If you’re worried about the time needed to cook, just prepare your breakfast the night before. Incorporate it into your morning routine. Discipline yourself to never walk out the door without eating breakfast. And be sure to eat actual food!

1. Have a good cup of coffee.


To give yourself a bit of extra boost in the morning, pause for a few minutes and just enjoy a good cup of coffee. And it doesn’t have to be plain ol’ brewed black coffee. Mix it up every morning!

You can even try cold brew coffee! I personally recommend the newly-launched Brews Cold Brew, a local cold brew brand that can get your more than enough energy that you’ll need for the day. Each bottle is always made fresh and in small batches, so you can be sure of the great taste and quality of every sip.

brews cold brew 1

They have two great flavors–original and ketogenic. There are also a few “recipe” suggestions on the bottle to give you more choices on how to drink your coffee in a new way every morning.

The best part about Brews Cold Brew? They deliver! No more hassle of having to brew your own coffee or going to coffee shops on the way to work just to get a good bottle of cold brew–this one delivers your coffee fix right at your doorstep!

With these tips and a good bottle of Brews Cold Brew, I’m pretty sure I’ll be having great mornings all year long.

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Brews Cold Brew