8 Times the Tuna Pie Gave Us All the Feels

The Tuna Pie is something I always look forward when it’s available. It’s a bit sad that it’s not available all year round. So, whenever it’s there, I always try to have some of it… Well, a lot of it. LOL.

It’s just tasty and I wish it were a little bit bigger. Just one sometimes isn’t enough.

If you can relate to this, here are 8 times that the Tuna Pie gave us all the feels.

8. When it returned this year in time for Lent

7. When you tried it for the first time

6. When they introduced the trio pack and made you and the squad feel healthy AF

5. … or just you (no judgment)

Maybe they can offer more?

4. When you were willing to wait

3. When they came out with the wittiest ads that you can totally relate!

2. And gave you so much fills #hugot

1. When you realized #WalangForever

This limited-time-offer item comes back every year, but waiting for the Lenten season to come feels like forever. Hoarding Tuna Pie whenever it’s available seems to be the only way to ease its absence in our lives. The delicious Jollibee Tuna Pie is only available until this month, August 2016!

Jollibee Tuna Pie comes in singles (P40/piece) and in a trio pack (P115). Head to Jollibee now and enjoy real tuna chunks, veggies, creamy and cheesy dressing, and the crispy, flaky crust while it’s still here! Act fast and don’t wait for Lent 2017 to get your next Tuna Pie fix!

Tara, Tuna Pie tayo bes!

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