8 Times Pixar Made Grown Ups Cry

Let’s face it, though Disney/ Pixar movies are cute, they always have a deeper meaning to it. We bring our kids, nieces and nephews to watch these adorable and funny movies, but truth is, we really wanted to watch them ourselves. And more than once, these movies left us crying buckets. (don’t deny it!)

So after recently watching Inside Out, we decided to round up our favorite tear jerker scenes from various Disney/Pixas films. This is not written in any particular order.

1. Toy Story 1: When Buzz Lightyear Realizes He’s Just a Toy

2. Toy Story 2: Jesse’s story

3. Toy Story 3: Incinerator Scene

This scene still gives me goosebumps. It reminds us that sometimes, we just need to stop fighting and let life take its course.

4. Finding Nemo: Death of Coral and Nemo’s Siblings

Why… why… why make us cry right at the beginning of the movie?

5. Monster’s Inc. – When Boo and Sully Say Goodbye to Each Other

6. Up – Carl and Ellie’s Marriage Montage

7. Wall-E – Ending Scene

8. Inside Out – “Take Her to the Moon for Me” Scene

Sorry we couldn’t find a clearer copy as this movie is still new.

What I noticed was that Pixar has a knack of making us cry by teaching us that sometimes, we just need to let go. Life will always throw difficult stuff our way, and it will never be easy, but sometimes we just need to accept it. Let go and let life happen.

Got other tear jerker movies we missed? Do share!

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