8 Things To Consider Before Moving to a Colder Place

I’ve always dreamed of living in a place blessed with great weather like Tagaytay. That dream came true when we took a leap of faith in moving to Tagaytay, the second capital of the Philippines.

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However, having been living in Manila all my life, the drastic decision lead to frequent visits to the hospital as we were de-climatizing. So, before you consider migrating to a colder place you may want to check these things out.

Let’s start with Cons.

1. Health issues

People living in cold places often complain that they have never-ending colds, cough, and body pains. Also, the skin becomes pale without sunlight. It’s always gloomy here.

2. Fog

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When living in a cold place there is a big possibility of fog. Fog makes driving very hard and dangerous. Fog can hit any time of the day.

3. Water supply

Most cold places in the Philippines are located in the mountains (Baguio, Tagaytay, Canlaon etc.) unless you have your own “deep well” and tank then water pressure from the local water supply is very weak.

water in tagaytay

4. Drying clothes

A friend of mine who lived in Baguio said that without dryer clothes left out to dry usually takes 4 days. Additional expenses for laundry should be expected.

Now the Pros

5. Jackets and Hoodies

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Colder places such as Baguio and Tagaytay are the best places to have your OOTDs taken. You can wear jackets and hoodies without being judged! Well, you need that to keep you warm, ‘ya know!  You can be trendy and “cool” at the same time.

6. No bugs

Bugs and insects don’t like cold climate. So it is rare to see bugs like mosquitoes and cockroaches in a cold place. The chances of infected by disease-carrying bugs are very low then.

7. Vegetables are cheap

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Most vegetables thrive in cold climate so they are sold at very low prices. In Baguio for instance, you can buy a lot of vegetables for 100 pesos.

8. Good for writers and composers

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Problems, like finding a cool spot and getting comfortable to write, is not a problem in cold places. Just go anywhere and immediately you will feel comfortable and ready to write or compose.

Over To You

Moving to another place is already considered a major adjustment. If you are moving to another place – cold or not – safety and the environment should head the list.

What do you like most in a cold place? Share them below!