8 Things Scarier Than Ghosts

Words and Graphics by: Maxine Lim

I don’t know about you, but I frighten easily especially around this time of the year. If you think ghosts are scary, take a look at these 8 things that are sure to run your blood cold.

8. Basura Juice

When you’re throwing out the trash and a little “basura juice” gets on you. Eww…

7. Checking your wallet to only find P20 inside

When you bring your wallet out to pay for something and you only find P20 inside. Dead. Literally. No more shopping spree. 🙁

6. Flipis

When you see an ipis on the ground and start to shoo it away but it starts to fly and all hell breaks loose.

5. Being Seenzoned 

When the deadline’s in 2 hours but your group still seenzones you. Yeah that would be pretty scary! HAHA

4. Being Friendzoned

When you’ve already been seenzoned, but here comes a different zone: friendzone. What’s worst is being friendzoned by your own crush! =(

3. Confrontation 

When you have to confront somebody about a workplace issue or a relationship problem, it really is scary to speak up when you’re afraid.

2. Orals

Once a student, always a student. You can never get away with orals or literally speeches in general. Public speaking really gives you the creeps.

1. Commitment

Settling down. How scary is that! Either in relationships or life decisions, this is by far the scariest thing!

Which do you find the scariest?


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