8 Things Only People Who Have Never Had a Crush Will Understand

Written by Oriana Cuenca

Crushes have been a thing since elementary where students would run around playing F.L.A.M.E.S or folding pieces of scratch paper to make fortune-tellers with classmates’ names on them. Fast forward to high school, and truth or dare games would have everyone prodding for who you have eyes on in class. And the tuksuhan would go on to college…until your office days.

But what about those who just don’t seem to have crushes? Every time someone would ask you whom you have a crush on, you’d just come up blank. When even the internet these days is full of memes about crushes, it can be a little alienating to have never experienced kilig as others have. If this is you, worry not because there are others out there just like you.

Here are eight things everyone who has never had a crush can relate to.

8. Everyone says your standards are too high


People think you don’t have a crush because you have unrealistic standards. You don’t expect a corporate CEO with a six-pack straight out of a Korean drama, but you won’t settle for less either. You know what you want and what you’re attracted to. If you haven’t found that person yet then you’re in no rush.

7. You never understand how people could be so motivated just from seeing their crush

You have friends who would be working at top speed all because their crush said hi to them in the hall. Your friend’s crush borrowed a pen from them and they’re so happy it sounds like the guy just proposed. It’s amazing. But you simply don’t get it.


6. You might have had a celebrity (or fictional) crush but that’s about it

This is a gray area of the No Crushes Since Birth status. Does it count when it’s just a happy crush on a celebrity miles away? Does it count when you have a crush on a book character? Celebrities with their personas and fictional characters who are downright perfect are on a different level mere mortals can only imagine. If we’re talking K-Drama characters or Jon Snow then it’s completely understandable to have a bit of a crush.

5. You still find people attractive, but you don’t get a crush on them


Having a crush on someone means you adore them, admire them, or want to get to know them better. That’s not always the case with the hot guy at the gym. Muscles and a sharp jawline make someone eye candy but not necessarily crush-worthy. It (hopefully) takes knowing someone’s personality to develop a crush on them, but that doesn’t stop you from appreciating a good view.

4. Your friends think its weird to have never had a crush

Everyone seems to have had at least one crush in their lifetime, and you’re painfully aware of that whenever you hear the shocked gasps from everyone when you say you haven’t. You have no campus crush or office crush. You’ve never had a crush, but people think you just don’t want to confess. Is it that weird? They’re kilig because crush wrong-sent them a message and they dare call you the weird one.

3. You can’t relate to half the content on the internet

Your newsfeed these days seems to be jowa this and heartbreak that. You just don’t get any of it. Why is everyone so obsessed with finding a love life these days? If you had a shot for every time someone said Gusto ko ng Jowa on Facebook, you’d be drunk enough for the beginning of a romcom.

2. You give the best relationship advice


It may seem weird because you’ve never been in a relationship, but your greatest asset is that you could look at the situation objectively. Your judgment is not and has never been clouded by feelings, so you have no problems telling your friend that man isn’t good for her. You’re also the most frustrated friend when your friend gets back with her ex anyway.

1. You’re not opposed to a relationship, but you’re just not going to look for one

I Dont Need You Ava Duvernay GIF by Half The Picture - Find & Share on GIPHY

You’ve never had a crush because you’ve never met anyone worth crushing on. Maybe you just haven’t gotten to know someone well enough to develop a crush on them. Maybe you’re really just too busy to even consider a crush, much less a relationship. The point is, you’re not (necessarily) against the idea of having a crush or dating, but it just hasn’t happened. You’d take love if it walked in through the door, but you’re not about to head out and find it yourself. You’re not one of those people who feel like they need a crush to stay motivated. Right now, you’re perfectly happy being with your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself.