8 Things Only Long-Term Couples Would Understand

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8. Nothing can gross you out. At all.

No fart is too loud or too smelly to threaten the strong bond of your relationship.

7. The “When are you getting married” question has gotten old yesterday.

Like clockwork, you’ve probably come up with 25 ways to answer this question depending on who’s asking.

6. You have your own secret language and weird “couple rituals”.

Your made-up words and secret codes are basically Greek to anyone else within earshot. God forbid that they actually catch you rubbing your tummies together and smelling each other’s armpits, which you do in private.

5. “Netflix and chill” really means netflix and chill.

In your sweatpants. With food stains on your clothes. Really, Netflix coming to the PH was a HUGE godsend for both of you. No more having to deal with slow-downloading torrents!

4. Eating from the same plate and drinking from the same glass is no big deal.

Buying a ginormous serving and asking for an extra plate just seems more sensible, rather than having to order two meals. You end up sharing the same food anyway.

3. You’re basically part of their family that it’s weirder when you’re NOT around.

“O, bakit hindi kasama si ______?” is the first thing your SO’s parents ask when they go on a trip and you’re not there. Which leads to your SO having to remind them that you have a life of your own, and sometimes you do things separately… maybe next weekend?

2. You adopt each other’s weird habits.

You know that habit where you love to sing out loud in the shower? News flash: that’s not your habit. At least not originally. But you’ve been together so long that you actually forgot that you got that from your SO. And it freaks people you know a little bit when you do things exactly how your SO does it.

1. It’s the little things that make you kilig.

Don’t get us wrong — blindfolding you while whisking you off to a romantic getaway under the stars sounds amazing… but surprising you with a pint of your favorite ice cream while you’re PMSing? That one is for keeps.

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