8 Things Every Pastel Lover Needs and Where To Get Them

Written by Jesh Orquina
Photography by Eunick Nobe

Got a love for pastel? Whether everything you own is pastel-colored or you’re a recent pastel convert, we’ve rounded up 8 cute items we found at Newport Mall’s Pastel Fair!

8. Pastel Bags and Purses

Bring your aesthetic everywhere you go by getting these bags and purses that scream, “I LOVE PASTEL.”

Pastel colored Jansport bag

Check out this cute pastel backpack!

This bag is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Need a cute bag that can carry all your school books? This one’s for you!

Silicon backpack with plugs

Who says pastel has to be plain?

If you just need a bag for your next barkada road trip, this might just be the one! With its unique design, it’s sure to spice up any outfit. Now, nail that #ootd!

Customizable wallets

And what’s better than customized purses? Customized purses in pastel colors! With the number of colors, designs, charms, and tags available, you’re sure that the purse you get is unique and made just for you. Oh, and they sell customized keychains, too!

7. Super Cute Bath Essentials

Make your bath time exciting by getting these super cute soaps and body scrubs that come in different pastel colors!

Pastel soap

Bored with your usual bath soap? Why not try something new? These bars of soap are perfect for your pastel #aesthetic!

Pink ice scream scrub

Nope, it’s not ice cream.

These ice cream scrubs are stored in ice cream containers and are sold in actual ice cream tubs! They look and smell like real ice cream so keep in mind that these are NOT food. These colorful scrubs are also available in white and green.

Cake soaps

Can you imagine the effort put into making these cakes, I mean, soaps?

These cake-shaped soaps are so adorable, it might make you feel bad to actually use them. If that’s the case, you can always use them as decoration or props for your next flat lay photo.

6. Rainbow-colored Sweets

Feeling hungry after looking at those cake-shaped soaps? Don’t worry! You can actually get food that looks just as good. Check these out:


Not sure what to get for Mother’s Day? Check out these chocolates in Mother’s Day packaging!

If you’re a chocolate addict, you’ll surely love these chocolate bars wrapped with pastel-colored designs! These bars also come in different flavors such as sea salt, mint, and chili!


Bite-size pastel treats!

Macarons are probably the most Instagram-worthy sweets to ever exist. With different colors and flavors, everyone is sure to find a flavor they will love. They have mini macarons, too!

Cotton candy

Hello Kitty cotton candy!

Cotton candy has its way of bringing back childhood memories. Feel like a kid again with these pastel-colored cotton candy that comes in different colors, flavors, and shapes!

5. Frozen Sweets

Summer heat getting to you? Here are some sweets that are sure to cool you down!

Cold stone

Cold Stone ice cream scoops in different flavors.

Get that ice cream fix while staying true to your pastel aesthetic! Pastel is not just a preference, it’s a way of life.


Even the stalls are pastel-colored! <3

Ice cream too basic for you? Get a gelato instead! Also available in your favorite pastel shades.


Matcha, Mango, Chocolate: Which one’s your favorite?

Looking for a refreshing treat that’s easier to consume? Get a milkshake! It’s easier to carry around but looks and tastes just as great!

4. Slippers and Sandals (in pastel, of course!)

Summer is the perfect time to show off your painted toenails by wearing comfy slippers and sandals!

Flip flop

Check out those pretty colors!

No beach trip is complete without flip flops. If you’re heading to the beach soon, make sure you’ve got cute flip flops in your favorite pastel shade!

FitflopsComfort and style? Check and check!

It’s important to have sandals that are not only stylish but comfortable as well! With these Fitflops, you can walk all you want without hurting your feet.

3. Pretty Stationery

Whether you’re a student or a working girl, having pretty supplies is a sure way to keep you motivated.

Unicorn pens

Unicorn pens? I’ll take three!

These unicorn pens are definitely a must-have for any self-proclaimed pastel lover. But why stop at just pens? You can also get notebooks, erasers, and washi tapes in all kinds of pastel colors and patterns!

2. Mermaid and Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Whether you’re already into makeup or just starting to experiment, these brushes are perfect for you!

Makeup Brushes

Are you #TeamUnicorn or #TeamMermaid?

Torn between these two sets of brushes? Why not get both? A queen can never have too many makeup brushes! Don’t you just want to pat those brushes on your face like, right now?

1. Paw-shaped Pet Soap

Your pets can also partake in the pastel fun! Check out these organic soaps that are made just for your fur babies:

Pet soaps

Paw-shaped soap bars for your furry friend!

Your pet deserves treats, too! Each soap has a specific purpose has different properties, depending on what your pet needs. With these soaps, bath time is going to be extra fun!

Pastel Fair at Newport Mall

Pastel Fair at The Plaza, Newport Mall

Newport Mall is holding a pastel-themed fair and it’s heaven on earth for all pastel lovers. The fair features everything from pastel colored sweets to cake-shaped soaps. Guaranteed, going to this fair will satisfy all your pastel needs.

All Things Pastel Lifestyle Fair is located at The Plaza, Newport Mall. Hurry because the fair is only until May 6! If you’re riding a GrabCar to Newport Mall, you can use the promo code SUMMERATNEWPORT until May 6 to get Php100 off your ride. See you there!

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