8 Reasons Why We Will Always Be Team Selena

Selena Gomez recently cancelled her Revival World Tour. Last year, she revealed that she is suffering from lupus. She revealed to People Magazine that the illness can affect a person in different ways. For the pop star, it’s anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. She said she wants to focus on her health for now, which is why she’s taking some time off.

Recently, Selena Gomez visited the Philippines for a concert as a part of her Revival Tour. Selenators were all out with the support making Selana promise that she will be back in Manila soon. Aside from that, here are eight reasons why we will always be #TeamSelena.


8. Kill ’em with kindness…and music

One of the best reasons why people love Selena Gomez is because of her music. From Slow Down to her Revival album, everyone got a peek of what she is as an artist. Revival is very special, as it is very genuine and speaks of her struggles.

Selena Gomez

7. Fashion Killa

Recently on the cover of Vogue Australia, Selena Gomez had some pretty interesting fashion choices. Whether rockin’ a gown or just chillin in a hoodie, this girl is on fire.

selena gomez


6. Instagram Star

Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity on Instagram with a massive 97.5M followers. She is in demand. Brands are after her to get her to post anything about them on her social media, while fans go crazy when she posts behind the scenes peeks of her world tour.

Selena Gomez

5. She loves her fans!

Selena always takes some time to go out and pose with her fans during her concerts. She also lets some of them hang out with her backstage.


4. She embodies strength

Aside from suffering from Lupus, Selena Gomez, as any big star, also has to constantly survive crazy fans and online bashers.

Selena Gomez "Revival Tour" Live in Manila: July 31 @ Mall of Asia Arena!

3. Growing Up

We saw her grow up. From the magic she did in Wizards of Waverly Place to finally stepping on stage to share her music.

Selena Gomez Hands to Myself music video

2. Honest Snaps

Selena loves Snapchat and, if you follow her, you’ll see how normal she is. Despite being one of the biggest celebrities of her generation, Selena keeps her fans updated by posting snaps of her funny shenanigans.

Selena Gomez

1. She’s just like everybody else

During her recent interview with Ryan Seacreast, Selena revealed that she is just like any other person. She also added that, one day, she’d like to slow down for a family.

Selena Gomez NAIA Arrival Philippines

Selena Gomez is a wonderful artist through which many fans find inspiration. Are you on Team Selena too? Why do you love her? ūüôā

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