8 Reasons Why We Loved Paddington 2

Article by Angela Cortero & Hannika Santos

Paddington 2

Everyone, he’s back! Three years after the first film, Paddington set out once again to capture the hearts of all those who wanted to join in his adventure in London. The fuzzy little bear we adored so much is here for the second time around. We were able to watch its premiere night here in the Manila, and here are 8 things we loved about the movie:


8. Xian Lim lends his voice again as Paddington Brown

THE Xian Lim was asked to again voice the well-loved British Bear (SEE ALSO: Why Everyone Needs a Bear), Paddington, in its Philippine release. I don’t know ’bout you but this is huuuge. Having a Filipino to work in a global film is inspiring!

7. It’s for everyone in the family

The movie tackles the life of Paddington in London having been adopted by the Brown family—Henry, Mary, Judy and Jonathan with Mrs. Bird. The story revolves not only around his character’s development but as well as the others in the family which everyone can find easy to relate to. It’s something the whole gang and family can enjoy together.

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6. It’s the best mix of drama and comedy

Trust us when we tell you: there is never a dull moment all throughout the film. It will make your heart jump with all the twists and turns and laugh so hard. Others in the audience were still laughing after the scene shifted. You will be able to resonate with the feelings of the characters especially when Paddington…….oops better see it for yourself 😉





5. Vibrant animation and cinematography

Idk ’bout you but it wouldn’t be ranked as 100% in Rotten Tomatoes if it’s not good. Coming from a non-film student/critique’s point of view, the background I know of is that animated films take a lot of time to process and to work things out. After watching the film, you will be satisfied as to how the story went with the effects.

paddington 2 trailer slice



4. The plot will take you on an amazing adventure

Not only do you sit back and enjoy the show, Paddington will also take you with him as he brings out the best in everyone he encounters on his epic journey. Each scene is filled with fun and excitement; you won’t want it to end!


3. Paddington will give you morals to live by

The cute and cuddly bear never runs out of life lessons to impart on everyone he meets. Paddington sees the good in everyone and will work his way to get things right.


2. This film got a raw score of 100% from Rotten Tomatoes

From Rotten Tomatoes?! C’mon, that’s remarkable! Critics from the site reveal that: “Paddington 2 honors its star’s rich legacy with a sweet-natured sequel whose adorable visuals are matched by a story perfectly balanced between heartwarming family fare and purely enjoyable all-ages adventure.”


1. This is a full-on trip to London on the big screen

Wanna get a taste of the UK and all its famous landmarks? Paddington’s got you covered! This movie highlights London’s best attractions and takes you right to them.


Did you get to see Paddington too? What did you like most about the movie? Tell us in the comments!