8 Practical Gift Ideas for Kris Kringles This Year

‘Tis the season of gift-giving once again, and since we’re already giving gifts, might as well make sure that our gifts are memorable and useful.

If you don’t want to stock up on mugs and picture frames for your Kris Kringle gifts this year, then here are a few functional and practical gift ideas that anyone will surely appreciate.

Multi-functional electric cooking pot

electric pot

Photo from Lazada

This electric cooking pot trended online because of how useful it really is. Since everyone needs to eat, we’re sure that anyone who receives a gift like this will find some use for it in one way or another.

Whether it’s for cooking solo meals in their apartment or just for a quick ramen fix in their family home, this electric pot proves practical in any setting. Buy this electric cooking pot here!

Solo BBQ grill pan

solo grill pan

Photo from Lazada

While we’re on the subject of cooking for one, this mini BBQ grill pan is perfect for anyone who adores Korean BBQ. The size of this mini electric grill pan is perfect for just one.

It’s easy to set up and use which makes it perfect for spontaneous solo samgyupsal nights in front of the latest K-drama. Buy this mini BBQ grill pan here!

Multi-functional phone holder

phone holder with light

Photo from Lazada

This multi-functional phone holder is shaping up to be a must-have in this day and age. Its 360-degree rotating arm and built-in LED light are helpful features for creating any type of content—whether it’s OOTDs for Instagram or short videos for Tiktok.

Even if the gift recipient isn’t a full-blown content creator for social media, this multi-functional phone holder just might nudge them in that direction. Buy this phone holder here!

Paint-by-Numbers kit

paint by numbers

Photo from Lazada

These paint-by-numbers kits have been around for a while, but we’re sure that anyone who’s constantly in a stressful environment would love to receive one of these. This painting kit is sure to be a helpful stress reliever and an instant hobby for anyone. By giving this kit at your Kris Kringle, you’re essentially giving the gift of relaxation! And it’s not such a bad idea for a gift for yourself, too. Buy this paint-by-numbers kit here!

Self-care planner bundle

selfcare planner

Photo from Lazada

Another practical self-care gift is this self-care planner bundle. This bundle includes 4 different planner notepads which include an expense tracker, an OOTD planner, and a daily motivational planner. It’s also a tear-away note pad so it’s not as bulky as other bound planners. Buy this self-care planner bundle here!

Moka pot

moka pot

Photo from Lazada

Since a lot of us need a strong cup of coffee to function every day, this Moka pot could be a well-received gift. This coffee maker doesn’t require any other fancy equipment at all. With just a Moka pot and a stove, anyone can enjoy espresso in the mornings. Buy this Moka pot here!

Acrylic message board with lamp

message board

Photo from Lazada

Anyone who receives this gift won’t forget anything on their to-do list ever again. This acrylic message board lets you see whatever needs to be prioritized for the day. The clear acrylic board paired with its wooden stand with a built-in lamp definitely adds style to any workstation. Buy this acrylic message board here!

2-in-1 phone grip and stand

phonegrip e1639728669596

Photo from Lazada

This 2-in-1 phone grip has an adhesive that easily sticks to the back of any phone case. It helps keep you from dropping your phone, and it can be reinvented into an instant phone stand. It even has magnets so that you can stick your phone onto metal surfaces. Buy this 2-in-1 phone grip and stand here!

What are you getting for this year’s Kris Kringle gifts? Share it with us!

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