8 Places to Go to Survive Your Long Breaks at DLSU

Written by Meg Torrente
Photos by Uela Altar

The idea of having an hour’s break in between classes has always been a desirable schedule for a DLSU student. However, the sad reality is that during enlistment, we are left to decide between having no breaks or having insanely long breaks. What do I mean when I say ‘long breaks’? I’m talking 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours. The struggle is real, fellow Lasallians. Cry no more because we’ve put together a guide on where to go and what to do to kill those long hours! Not to mention, all these locations are one jeepney ride away!

Around Taft avenue:

8. National Museum

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If you’re looking to do something artsy, go to the National Museum. Appreciate the works of Juan Luna, Jose Rizal, and many more! There usually is an exhibit at the second floor of the museum. You can ask the front desk about any new installations.

The museum entrance is free! All you have to worry about is the cost of transportation which shouldn’t cost you more than 20 one-way. You could ride LRT 1 Vito Cruz to United Nations (P 13.00) or take a jeep across DLSU campus and get off at Kalaw street (P 8.00) You could walk to it from there.

Good for how many hours? 3 hours for the main museum; 1 and a half hours for the other museum (beside Rizal Park).

7. Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

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If you walk along Vito Cruz up until Roxas boulevard, you will see CCP. It’s relatively near campus, so you can have a go and check if there are any shows you could catch or perhaps a few exhibits to see. Your budget depends on the show you’re seeing because prices vary. The same goes for the exhibits. Although, some exhibits are for free. To get to CCP, you really could walk from campus. However, if the weather isn’t your friend or you aren’t up for a walk, you could take a jeepney from the corner of Taft avenue and Vito Cruz for P 6.00.

Good for how many hours? 1-2 hours for exhibits. Showtimes vary.

6. Luneta National Park (Rizal Park)

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A walkable distance from the National Museum is Rizal Park! It stretches from Taft avenue up until Roxas boulevard. There’s plenty to do in this open space! You could eat below the trees and appreciate the environment. It’s the perfect place to just hang out with your friends or maybe even your special someone! Of course you could also go tita/tito mode and take touristy pictures. The park is surrounded by a lot of vendors selling the usual Filipino street food in case you get hungry.

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Entrance is, of course, free! Just bring money for food and transportation. In order to get to Rizal Park, ride LRT 1 Vito Cruz to United Nations (P 13.00); or take the jeepney across DLSU campus and get off at Kalaw street and walk to the park (P 8.00)

Good for how many hours? 1-3 hours

5. Intramuros

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Across the street from the main entrance of the National Museum is the beautiful Walled City, Intramuros. You can’t tell your future grandkids that you were a student in Manila unless you’ve been here. Entrance into the area is free but a few sights do have a fee.

The featured above is the gorgeous San Agustin church. Come inside and offer a short prayer. If it’s your first time there, you get to make a wish! They also have a museum on the right side of the church. However, the entrance fee is P 200.00.  

For your next stop, head over to Fort Santiago. The entrance fee is P 75.00. It is the perfect place for a stroll and to take pictures. While you’re in Fort Santiago, go to the Rizal Shrine for a pretty short but enjoyable history lesson.

Before leaving the Walled City, how about trying some Sampaguita ice cream? Yup, you read it right! The restaurant Ilustrado offers Sampaguita ice cream for P 140.00. Definitely worth a try!

Good for how many hours: 3-6 hours

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