8 Pinoys Share The Most Memorable Lesson Their Teacher Taught Them

We spend majority of our formative years in school, which makes it easy to say that teachers, aside from our own parents and guardians, play a huge role in shaping us as individuals.

All of us have had at least one teacher who made such a lasting mark on us that the words they said, actions they showed, or lessons they taught us have stayed with us. Have you thanked your teacher, lately? When In Manila readers share the most memorable things they’ve learned from their teacher.

The motivational poster


When I was in Grade 1, my teacher had a poster in the classroom that read, ”What’s popular may not always be right, and what’s right may not always be popular.” – Cheryl

There’s no single solution to everything

That there are different ways of solving a problem.

Sa math to actually nung hinahayaan nya akong iba yung solution ko sa tinuro nya since tama pa rin naman yung ginagawa ko. Ang importante kasi sa kanya na nagets ko sya. Applicable din kasi in real life. – Yllaine

Selfless service

From Dr. Quijano, my Pharmacology professor in PGH: “Hindi sya naging doktor para abutin NG tao. Naging doktor sya para abutin ANG tao!” Very wise and selfless words, indeed! – Suzette

Numbers don’t define who you are

My first Math professor during my freshman year in college, sir Jireh, told us the following: “Grades only matter in the classroom and become more meaningless in the real world the further you leave them behind.I think you will find that when you are sincere about your learning– and not just about passing– that your grades will take care of themselves; or they will become irrelevant, as they should be.” – Sam

A noble profession

I learned from one of my grade school teachers that being a teacher is the most important job a person could have. She said it’s because teachers are responsible for a person’s growth and development. Anything a teacher would say or do could greatly impact a person positively or negatively. – Eunick

The believer

My English teacher gave us a prompt to write about. So I chose school survival skills as the topic. After submitting, she told me that I was good at writing listicles and suggested I write for a website.

Since I haven’t explored my writing “skill” yet when she told me this, I simply said , “Me, write for a website? Yeah, right.”

3 days later, I saw the internship for WIM. I told her about it and she helped me answer all the questions patiently, and create a resume!

When I got in, she even posted my acceptance letter on her Instagram account and told me this after:

“You never know what you can do until you try. All I can do is believe in you, the rest is up to you.” – Annika

The true test of character

“You might be rich and intelligent but your good conduct or attitude will always be the best armor that you may have.” – Kim

Tough love

“Delos Reyes! Bakit pumasok ka pa!? DROP KA NA!”

Memorable sakin ang mga katagang yan.

Ngayon na nadadagdagan na ang bilang ng edad ko, saka ko naiintindihan na gusto niya kaming matuto nang maaga para pag magkaroon kami ng magandang buhay. – Jose


Teachers truly have their own ways of showing how much they care for us and how they want us to grow into better people. Just in time for National Teacher’s Month, PLDT-Smart is celebrating its 10th year of Gabay Guro, a program that supports Filipino teachers and public and private schools. In honor of its 10th year, Gabay Guro Teacherfest 2017 is inviting Filipino teachers to its biggest and grandest celebration ever at the Mall of Asia Arena on September 17 (Sunday). Visit facebook.com/gabayguro for more details.

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