8 New Beer Flavors that You Have to Try

There is no denying that Filipinos love beer. Well, with all the food that we have, different flavored beers have been invented to match our different tastes. When I first heard of Caramel Beer, I knew I had to try it. Now, there are more flavors that we all have to try. Here are some:

8 New Beer Flavors that You Have to Try

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8. Watermelon

If you love fruity flavors, then you should try Watermelon Wheat Beer. Unlike the usual bitter beer taste, the watermelon flavor has a very refreshing and sweet taste to it.

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7. Butterscotch

One of the more famous flavors is Butterscotch. There are many restaurants that offer this flavor. It is very reminiscent to the taste of Food for the Gods.

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6. Speculoos

If you love Cookie Butter, then you will surely love this beer with a hint of Speculoos. While it is sweet, don’t be fooled by its tasty flavor as it really has a kick to it.


5. Toasted Almond

This taste offers something new to the palette as it is a bit smoky. It is best consumed with salty treats or pulutan.


4. Roasted Hazelnut

When people say Hazelnut, they usually think of Nutella and this tastes a bit like it, but with tamed sweetness.


3. Cucumber

This comes as a surprise to most people because there are only a few restaurants and bars that offer Cucumber Beer. Despite its fruity, bubble gum-like taste, Cucumber Beer is actually worth a try. It is very refreshing, especially if you are quite thirsty.


2. Strawberry

The flavor of the Strawberry Beer is a little sweet and sour, but it is a favorite of girls who want to drink beer. It has a cocktail-ish taste to it.


1. Lychee

Usually found in cocktails, Lychee is actually good when mixed with alcohol. Lychee Beer is not the sweetest of the bunch, but it takes away the bitter taste of regular beer – something you may want to consider if you want a little flavor, but with typical beer goodness.


These flavors are specially brewed in some restaurants and bars, but there are many commercial-flavored beers available in supermarkets and convenience stores, too.