8 Mouthwatering Food-Inspired Scented Candles

Scented candles have such a special place in my heart because they can easily transform a space effortlessly. Any room can instantly become extra relaxing when your sense of smell is excited by your choice of scented candles. While the sense of smell is the priority, it surely doesn’t hurt if your scented candle looks cute and creative, too!

If you love cute things, awesome scents, and food, you’ll most definitely love these food-inspired scented candles you can easily get through Shopee. Check them out:

8 Food-Inspired Scented Candles

8. Cereal-Inspired Candle

cereal candle

Photo from Shopee

This scented candle is designed to look like a bowl of colorful breakfast cereal. It’s even complete with “milk” in the bottom! The candle is also supposed to smell like Froot Loops, with hints of vanilla and lemon. Once you’ve finished the whole candle, you can also reuse the glass bowl. It’s the perfect scented candle for anyone who loves breakfast! Buy this cereal-inspired candle here!

7. Iced Coffee Candle


candy candles ph iced coffee mocha candle 2

Photo from Shopee

This scented candle is a must-have for any iced coffee addict. This iced coffee-inspired candle features the iconic coffee color plus “ice cubes” to complete the look. Of course, this will make your room smell like your favorite cafe. Buy this iced coffee candle here!

6. Mini Cake Candle

cake candle

Photo from Shopee

This cute scented candle looks like an adorable mini cake. If you love all things tiny and cute, this is definitely a must-have item. It even has iconic wavy “frosting” and “fruits” as toppings. It looks so real and smells so good that it would be hard to resist taking a bite. (For the record, please don’t bite into this!) Buy this mini cake candle here!

5. Banana Milk Candle

bananamilk candle

Photo from Shopee

Addicted to the iconic banana milk you can get from Korean marts? You can now get it in candle form with this banana milk-inspired candle! According to people who have tried it, it smells just like how it would taste, with notes of banana and vanilla. Melon milk and strawberry milk candles are also available. Buy this banana milk candle here!

4. Fried Egg-Inspired Candle


Photo from Shopee

This fried egg-inspired candle is a must-have if you love quirky home decor and anything cute and unique. Yes, this candle looks exactly like a fried sunny-side-up egg—complete with a mini frying pan! This particular candle also comes as a DIY set, so you can also try creating your very own scented candle. Buy this fried egg candle here!

3. Waffles-Inspired Candle

waffle candle

Photo from Shopee

This pancakes-and-waffle-inspired candle comes in a stylish mug that you can also reuse once you’ve used up the candle. It comes with a cute mini waffle on top, making this candle extra adorable. It will also make your home smell like vanilla pancakes with maple syrup all the time—the perfect all-day breakfast experience! Buy this waffle-inspired candle here!

2. Orange, Lemon, and Cheese Candles

orange lemon cheese candles

Photo from Shopee

If you want something that’s cute, quirky, yet subtle, these scented candles will give you all that. You can choose between a realistic orange candle, a fresh lemon candle, or a cheese slice candle—or you can get them all. These mini candles are guaranteed to make your guests do a double-take because who leaves a bunch of oranges, lemons, and cheese slices around the room? They are so beautifully made that you might even mistake them for real food. Buy these orange, lemon, and cheese candles here!

1. French Macaron Candles

macaron candles

Photo from Shopee

These dainty macaron-inspired candles offer extra color and cuteness to any space. You can get these macaron candles in sets of 4 colors, or request for a certain color you want. It even features cute toppings of “fruits” and “frosting” for a more IG-worthy look! Just be sure to warn anyone that these are not real and must not be eaten because who can resist these colorful “macarons”? Buy these macaron-inspired candles here!

Which food-inspired candle would you like to have? Share it with us!

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