8 Kinds of Finsta Posts We Know All Too Well

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

There has been a rise of Finsta accounts lately. A Finsta can probably be defined as a “Fake Instagram” or an Instagram wherein only your closest friends follow you. As someone who also owns one (and also follow friends who have one), I’ve noticed that there are different types of Finsta posts. Here are 8 kinds of Finsta posts we know all too well.

8. The Rant Post


This kind of post is probably the heart of every Finsta. If you’re someone who posts on your Finsta all the time, chances are you’ve had your fair share of this kind of post. It ranges from small rants to lengthy “I need to get this out of my chest” ones.

7. The “I Don’t Like This Person” Post

the office

Let’s be real, we all at least have that one person we don’t really like to be around. And when that certain person crosses the line, maybe it’s time you’ve talked about him/her on your Finsta.

6. The Crushie Post

patrick star

Ah yes, the occasional “this person is so cute” post. These posts are dedicated to that person you want to date or have a crush on, and you just got to let your friends know about them. This post comes with the matching heart and sigh emojis.

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5. The Life Update Post

This post is probably just a short post updating your friends if you’ve done something. It could be something small as cleaning your room or finishing a requirement. You don’t know why, but it just makes its way to your Finsta.

4. The “This Didn’t Make it to Main” Post

oh well

These posts mainly consist of dump photos or photos you could’ve posted on your main Instagram account, but they just don’t make the cut. Maybe it’s just the awkward pose or the bad lighting that made it not look as good, but it’s good enough to let others see it. And that’s why it only makes it to your Finsta.

3. The Emo Post

sad gordon
We all have our sad and bad days and that’s what the emo posts are all about. Maybe it comes after having a day where nothing goes your way. Or maybe it happens after a breakup with a significant other. The emo post is all about that having that good cry.

2. The “I’d Kill You if You Show this to Anyone” Post


Since Finsta posts are made for someone’s closest friends, those posts that are only meant for them. It houses some of your deepest secrets. You’d honestly rather be swallowed by the earth than let anyone see what you’ve posted.

1. The Happy Post

FlippantInfantileIrishredandwhitesetter size restricted

This post is probably the best out of all Finsta posts. It’s the post that appears when you have those days where you feel like you’ve got it together and figured out to the point that you just have to share your happiness with your friends.

What do you think about Finstas? Do your Finsta posts file under those said above? Leave your comments down below!