8 Inspiring Mompreneurs Prove They are Super

Modern-day superheroes – that’s how I see them. I’ve been working since I was 18 years old, but I didn’t know that being a career woman is different once you have a family. Through WhenInManila.com, we’ve met so many mompreneurs who have proven that they are in a class all their own as they juggle their career, family, and identity.

Motherhood is difficult and with today’s technology, many moms rely on the stories of mompreneurs for inspiration and tips. We spoke to some of our favorite mompreneurs to share their stories and tips on how to succeed in your chosen career while being the best mom you can be.

8 Inspiring Mompreneurs Prove They are Super

8. Meryll Dy

If you’ve heard of I-Angel and Eco Mom then you will know Meryll. Her products are must-haves for moms, and many people look to her for advice on motherhood. Under her business Mighty Baby, she distribute products from Korea like the creamhaus, k-mom and mother-k. She shares that the business was found with a dream to promote a closer bond between mom and baby. She says these products are the ones that worked for her personally and that she wanted to share them with those in need.

7. Janine Khazaie

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Owner of the Premiere Home Service Specialized Massage business, Janine has been helping moms all over the Metro through Massage MNL. Known for their pre-natal, post-natal, and lactation massages; Massage MNL is one of the few massage services in Manila that offers specialized services from their well-trained staff. The business has been running since 2018 and has expanded from just a few cities in Manila to more service areas.

6. Joy Astilla

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Owner of Urban Essentials, Joy is the reason why Wink Binders are available in the Philippines. Wink, one of the best post-natal binder brands in the world, wasn’t available in the Philippines during Joy’s pregnancy, and she struggled looking for a binder that could help her recover from giving birth. She decided to bring the brand here and is now the official distributor in the country.

Aside from Wink, Joy’s Urban Essentials is the destination for all things motherhood, baby, and beyond. Though the business only started online, it has now expanded to a store in Capitol Hills where loyal consumers can check out products that are tried, tested, and recommended by different moms from all over the country.

5. Claud Baron-Paulino

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One of the owners of Retail Lab, Claud brought together local brands. Now 10 years old, Retail Lab has been helping small brands maximize their businesses by offering visibility in malls through their stores. Retail Lab has helped countless brands to take off and is continuing to help businesses to this day. Claud also launched Retail Lab’s Soirée where everyone can enjoy shopping, mingling, and attending different workshops.

4. Kat Zulueta

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A new mom and one of the prominent names in the fashion industry, Kat is the owner of Zoo Clothing, a go-to shop for special occasion dresses and everyday wear. The business has been running since before Kat got married and pregnant, and they recently opened a store for Zoo as an expansion of the business. She shares that she is inspired to expand the business because of her family: her husband and son, and her sisters who are also entrepreneurs.

3. Cat Arambulo-Antonio


One of the most successful mompreneurs that we know, Cat Arambulo-Antonio is unstoppable. Aside from multiple brand collaborations, Cat also launched her own brands Catastrophe and Cat Arambulo Studio. Her solid following has allowed her to explore her creativity and pursue her passions. Her new products under Cat Arambulo Studio are accessories that use crystals and gemstones to promote wellness and help you manifest your intentions.

2. Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva

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What started out as organizing support meetings for new moms, Janice is now a name synonymous to motherhood. Her advocacy work started in 1996 when she put up her nursing apparel business and mom directory. It was then followed by Expo Mom in 2003, which has more than half a million community members now. Her brand is now more known as Mommy Mundo where she advocates for #mompowerment along with other mothers from all around the Philippines.

1. Geraldine Perez-Chua


The owner of Honeysuckle.ph, Geraldine started the business in 2013. She shares that when her sisters were new moms, they were complaining about the Philippines not having a lot of baby products. That made them look for products in the USA. She was inspired by her own mom to put up the business and explore different opportunities. She says the business is perfect for her because she can still be a hands-on mom at the same time. Her business distributes milk bags and other essentials for breastfeeding and other mommy and baby products.

Who are the mompreneurs that inspire you?