8 Holiday Gifts For The Man In Your Life

Guys, especially those who seem to have everything, can be challenging to find gifts for. Yet you don’t have to break the bank to impress him with a fancy gift — we’ve got you covered. Here are some holiday gifts for the special man in your life, whether it’s for your dad, your brother, husband, boyfriend or bestie!

Manila International Book Fair MIBF8. A copy of his favorite book

Whether he’s a wide reader or just has his specific favorites, nothing spells Christmastime more than ripping the gift wrapper  open to find his most-loved book inside. Plus points if it’s the first edition!

7. A tub of pomade

Man Pomade

Perhaps just as girls are particular about their makeup, hair is everything to guys. When the usual drugstore waxes and gels won’t do, up his hair game by buying a tub of classic pomade. It’s a real throwback to the classics (think James Dean and Elvis), has considerable hold and shine, and won’t dry his hair out. Classy AF.

6. This cool pillow that has everything for a couch potato


For your sports-loving dad or husband that has his butt glued to the couch and his eyes fixed on the TV, never hear them lose the remote control or their cellphone again with this pillow that they can also clutch on to at that nail-biting buzzer beater.

5. A casual card game for drinking

Cards Against Filipinos Cards Against Humanity Pinoy Style 6

Because card games while drinking are always fun, and this card game fits your guy’s dark humor perfectly. Even more relatable and thigh-slappingly hysterical is the Filipino edition, Cards Against Filipinos! Want Cards of Humanity or other card games? They’re available through the Gaming Library at Dyce N Dyne!

4. This “into focus” mug for that photography aficionado in your life.


For that artsy, brooding, photographer guy you’re dating, this will make his “must-have-coffee” mornings a lot more introspective. Who can resist that lens design?

3. This leather mug sleeve that looks like a gun holster.


Never mind, I want this for myself!

2. This nifty Aeropress machine that allows him to make great coffee anytime, anywhere.


Image Credit: Stumptown Coffee

It’s so easy and travel-friendly to use, that even in the most challenging of environments (say, camping out in a forest), he’ll never have to bear with inferior 3-in-1 coffee packs again.

1. A dashing bespoke suit.

Tino lapel suit

Whether your guy knows his suit fabrics or can’t tell a tuxedo jacket from a sport coat apart, a guy will always need a suit. Invest in one that not only looks good, but is literally made for him. He’ll treasure this for the rest of his life. TIÑO makes stunning bespoke suits that offer bang for your buck, and have special holiday packages you’ll love.

Thoughts on this? What are you getting for the special man in your life this Christmas?

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