8 Great Finds at MAFBEX 2019

The highly-anticipated Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) 2019 at World Trade Center just came to a close. Already on their 13th installment, MAFBEX became the avenue for both foodies and industry professionals alike to “Experience the Fusion” that the local F&B scene has to offer. Several food pop-ups offered their specialties to insatiable passers-by, while business suppliers did not miss the chance to entice potential clients in availing of their services.

That’s what I liked about this year’s MAFBEX. Not only did I get to enjoy several untapped food brands, but I also managed to create a network just in case I decide to create my own business someday. If you missed out on #MAFBEX2019, read on for my best finds.

8 Great Finds at MAFBEX 2019

8. Discounted Baking Essentials


Aside from the convenience brought about by expos, what you can take advantage of during events like MAFBEX are discounted items. There were several booths there selling dishes, home essentials, and even baking supplies at much lower prices. I definitely saved more bucks here compared to the mall!

7. Cheaper Kitchen Equipment


I was surprised to see rows of booths selling heavy-duty equipment, as well. Grillers, fryers, espresso machines, ovens—you name it. Again, they sell them at lower than the SRP.

6. Fresh Quality Meat


There were various raw meats being sold at MAFBEX, as well. Whether you’re looking for seafood, steak cuts, or seasoned beef; they were all available at this convention.

5. Packaging Materials


As an interested entrepreneur, it was nice seeing several packaging manufacturers at MAFBEX. There were cups, take out boxes, and insulated coffee cups of different materials. You just have to pick the design and quality of your choice.

4. Fondant Stylist


One of the unique stalls that I encountered at MAFBEX was this fondant stylist from Peotraco. Upon further probing, I learned that Peotraco is a manufacturer and distributor of sugar, cocoa powders, food coloring, and the like.

3. Churron


For just 30 pesos, a stand called La Reina Elena sold a fusion of Churros and Turon (a Spanish and Filipino favorite, respectively). I ordered one, and it was excellent!


Aside from their homemade sweet treat, they also sell natural premium coconut kinds of vinegar that will knock you out. Move aside, normal variant. Spiced Coconut Vinegar is coming through!

2. Underrated Local Gelato


I scream for ice cream, so when I saw this gelato cart called “Koibito’s”, I immediately headed their way. They have unique local flavors such as Kapeng Barako, Cashew Butter, Pistachio, and Batangas Tablea.


I loved each one of them, but the real star for me was the Tablea flavor.

It’s a creamy dark chocolate gelato with a perfect texture and consistency. I’m happy to know and share that they have a branch in Makati!

1. Organic Homegrown Brands

As I mentioned above, there are several untapped brands in MAFBEX. Not only is it a joy for adventurous customers; but it also gives small, starting brands a chance to grow. MAFBEX is the perfect avenue for homegrown brands to get the attention that they deserve.

Here are some of my favorite finds:


Mama Mia’s,a coffee and cakes seller from Cabuyao, Laguna is now on my list in case I get to visit the province.


I’ve been to Marinduque before, and I have tried their famous Arrow Root cookies. It was nice to see them at MAFBEX because the people from Manila truly need to taste their delicacies. One of the best Uraro—if not the best—ever!


And, lastly, coming all the way from Davao is Nutrarich Philippines with their tablea and cacao nibs. I tried a free sample of their hot chocolate, and it was blissful.

That was my experience at #MAFBEX2019. How was yours?


World Trade Center, Pasay City