8 Girls Share their Favorite Gifts from Their Dads

I have always been a daddy’s girl, so when Father’s Day rolls around, I always feel the need to commemorate the day with my love for my dad. Of course, this day isn’t just about my dad, though; it is about all of the dads all over the world who make a difference in their kids’ lives.

As such, I decided to ask some fellow daddy’s girl what the best gifts are that their dads have given them, and here are their answers:

Anthea Reyes Father's Day

“My dad gave me a balisong that was actually once his anniversary gift to my mom. He gave it to me when I was sixteen.” – Czarina Anthea Reyes

Nicole Valenton Father's Day

“My favorite gift from my dad is his undying belief in me and his continuous support. This photo sort of symbolizes it. I already gave up climbing this wall, but he was still pulling me up (literally!) and encouraging me to keep going. He never got tired of it – until I reached the top. 🙁 He’s like that, as well, in real life and I can never, ever be more thankful to be blessed to have a father like him.” – Nicole Ortiz Valenton

Gizelle Caoile Father's Day

“My favorite gift from papa was his moral support. There’s a lot of instances he’s shown his support with even the littlest things I do, but one that stands out is for being a kunsintidor during my cheerleader years back in college. Everyone in our extended family wanted me to quit. Papa believed in living a humble life. We didn’t have much. Losing my mom almost 10 years ago and him having lived with his new family miles away now, I didn’t think I’d even have an answer to this. Because of his beautiful gift, I earned the courage to follow my heart and had a glimpse of how powerful being passionate can be.” – Ana Gizelle Caoile

“My favorite gift from my dad was the Limited Edition Gone with the Wind Barbie. Gone with the Wind and Casablanca were my favorite movies growing up and are what really made me want to become an actress. This Barbie was therefore very important to me because it showed that he supported my love for acting despite all of the bad things that my relatives had been saying about it back in the day.” – Gweniebelle


“He had a gold heart shaped bracelet custom made for me for my birthday. It was my 10th birthday, if I’m not mistaken. Sadly, it was among the loot taken from our house when it was broken into a decade ago.” – Nixxie Angeles

“My favorite gift that I got from my father is an easel for my paintings. My father is the #1 fan of my paintings. He fully supports me to do this, so he bought me an easel because he saw before that I would just usually put newspapers on the floor and my back would ache from painting the whole day.” – Patricia Jean Lao

“My dad gave me the world. But my favorite is his dignidad and prinsipyo and his love for people. That became my armour in this world. – Ninaaa


“My dad has given me a lot through my 30 years of life, but the best thing he has given me is consistency in life. No matter what happens, I always know that my dad will be there. This is a value that has been instilled in me as a child. No matter how long my dad might have been gone on a business trip, I always knew he would come back when he said he would be back – and he’d always bring back Archie comics and Barbies for us – something we always looked forward to. Because of this, I am big on following through with promises now that I’m older.” – Angeline Rodriguez

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What’s your favorite gift from your dad? Share it with us! 🙂

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