8 Cute and Unique Desk Humidifiers for Your Home Office

Looking for something new and cute to add to your home office? Why not get something that’s beneficial while looking pretty on your desk?

Humidifiers have become a huge trend when it comes to home essentials. Some people use it for oil diffusion and to keep the room smelling amazing, while others enjoy the benefits of having extra moisture in the air.

Want to get a mini desktop humidifier for your workstation or even your bedroom nightstand? Consider these uniquely designed humidifiers that can brighten up your space, too:

Flame-inspired Humidifier

flaming humidifier

Photo from Shopee

This super unique humidifier will make anyone do an instant double take. It’s designed to make it seem like it’s in flames—complete with the orange glow and smoke.

If you’re looking for something that will add an edge to your space, this flame-inspired humidifier will definitely do the trick. Buy this flame-inspired humidifier here!

Avocado Humidifier

avocado humidifier

Photo from Shopee

If you love avocados, then you definitely need to have this cute avocado-inspired humidifier. It’s shaped and colored like a perfectly ripe avocado. Plus, there’s even a cute little cat figurine sitting inside!

And it’s not just for avocado-lovers! If you love the color green or you just enjoy super cute things, this humidifier is perfect for your space, too. Buy this avocado humidifier here!

Cup Noodles Humidifier

noodles humidifier

Photo from Shopee

Are instant noodles a huge part of your diet? This cup noodles-inspired humidifier will be perfect for your workstation! This humidifier is designed to look like the classic cup of instant noodles, complete with a half-open lid. It honestly looks so realistic at first glance, so if you’re actually eating instant noodles by your workstation, be careful not to eat from this cute humidifier. Buy this cup noodles humidifier here!

Cactus Humidifier

cactus humidifier

Photo from Shopee

Want some “plants” in your space but don’t have the energy to care for them? You might want to look into getting this cactus-inspired humidifier. It features a space-saving and minimalist design with a transparent water container. On top of this sleek humidifier is a cute little cactus that adds life to any space. It’s a great way to add a splash of green to your minimalist workstation while enjoying the benefits of a humidifier. Buy this cactus humidifier here!

Kettle Humidifier with Himalayan Salt

kettle humidifier

Photo from Shopee

Here’s another uniquely designed humidifier that’s trying to pass itself as another household item. This kettle-shaped humidifier will blend in quite well in your home.

It also features Himalayan salts to add to its benefits! Buy this kettle-inspired humidifier with Himalayan salt here!

Retro Radio-Inspired Humidifier

retro radio humidifier

Photo from Shopee

Do you have a retro-inspired workstation at home? This adorable retro radio-inspired humidifier will fit perfectly in your space! It’s so easy to fall in love with the vintage-style humidifier, especially since it comes in neutral tones, too. Buy this retro radio-inspired humidifier here!

Cat Spaceship Humidifier

cat humidifier

Photo from Shopee

If you love cats, this extra adorable cat spaceship humidifier is definitely a must-have in your space. It features a super cute tiny cat figurine looking out from inside the spaceship-shaped humidifier. It even features a soft light to make it an instant night light, too. Buy this cat spaceship humidifier here!

Moon Humidifier

moon humidifier

Photo from Shopee

Instantly fell in love with the moon lamp when it first came out? If you can’t get enough of it, you should get yourself this moon humidifier. It’s essentially a two-in-one lamp and humidifier all in one. This humidifier features the iconic moon lamp design and it also provides that ethereal glow so many people love. It will be a great picture-perfect addition to any space! Buy this moon humidifier here!

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