8 Coords Sets You Should Add to Your Office Wardrobe

Now that returning to the office is officially true for most of us, I’m sure many of us are already scrambling to find office-appropriate clothes. After two years of working from home, so many of us have already decluttered our closets and have gotten rid of office clothes.

Planning to shop for more office clothes? Why not stock up on coordinated sets? This way, you’ll also save lots of time trying to find an outfit that matches. Here are some stylish coords sets you can get from Shopee:

8. Woven Boxy Top with Pants

Photo from Shopee

This coords set is a great option if you want to be extra comfy yet still looking casually chic. It includes a loose-fitting box-style top with a v-neck, guaranteeing it to be extra breezy. It’s perfect for the tropical heat of our country.

Plus, it’s made of a fabric that’s soft and comfortable on the skin. You’ll feel like you’re lounging around even when you’re actually in the office. Buy this woven boxy top with pants set here!

7. Belted Blazer with Shorts

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This super stylish coords set will make you feel like you’re hustling around in NYC with the chic belted blazer. Its huge buttons and flattering cut also add to the trendy vibe of this set. If your office allows shorts, then this pair of shorts is a great choice for an office-appropriate outfit. Buy this belted blazer with shorts set here!

6. Crop Top with Button-Down Skirt

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If you want something that’s more feminine while also showing a bit more skin, this crop top with a skirt set is a fashionable option. It includes a puffy long-sleeved top and a high-waist skirt that reaches just below the knees. Yes, you’ll be exposing a bit of your midriff and more of your legs thanks to the slit on the skirt, but hey, if your office allows this then knock yourself out! Bring the summer vibes through your outfit. Buy this crop top with button-down skirt here!

5. Sleeveless Top with Pants Set

Photo from Shopee

Looking for something you can use in the office and in weekend hangouts with your BFFs? This sleeveless top with pants set is a great work-and-play outfit. The cropped square neck top is simple, straightforward, yet effortlessly stylish. The wide-leg pants will make sure that you’re comfortable all day, too. Buy this sleeveless top with pants set here!

4. Polo with Pants Set

Photo from Shopee

Wearing this stylish polo top with pants set is another easy way to look so put together without any effort. The polo with two front pockets looks business-casual enough to wear to your office. It also includes wide-leg pants made with cotton linen that will also help keep you breezy and chill wherever you go. Buy this polo with pants set here!

3. Polo with Skirt Set

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This skirt with a polo top  looks like it was made to be worn in the office. With its huge blazer-style collars, stylish giant buttons, and fashionable a-line skirt, you can’t go wrong with looking amazing in this coords set. Buy this blazer-style polo with skirt set here!

2. Long-sleeves with Pants Set

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Is it always freezing in the office? Stock up on this long-sleeved top with pants set. The form-flattering top features a square neckline and sleeves that reach right below the wrist. The set also includes extremely comfortable high-waisted pants that will make you feel like you’re in loungewear while still looking amazing for the office. Buy this long-sleeved top with pants set here!

1. Peplum Top with Pants Set

Photo from Shopee

This peplum top with pants set is a great fashionable outfit choice if you’re meeting with clients and high-ranking bosses. The peplum top radiates elegance and sophistication, especially with its stylish puffed sleeves. The pair of wide-leg pants perfectly puts together the whole outfit and will make you look like a true boss. Buy this peplum top with pants set here!

Find more outfit options on Shopee!

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