8 Badass Mothers From Series and Movies You’d Want On Your Side

Words by Kathlene Masilongan

Mother’s Day or not, we should always celebrate the women who gave us our lives. Being a mother, in general, is pretty badass already. Imagine creating and fostering human life and then raising human beings? It’s strange and takes the strength only a mother has. So it’s no wonder that the women in our list are some of the fiercest we know and would stop at absolutely nothing to protect their children. It’s primal instinct, after all, and we’re thankful.

8. The Goddess “Charlotte Richards”, Lucifer

Quite literally the goddess of all creation, the Goddess from the show Lucifer will stop at nothing to protect her children and make sure they’re safe. During her time on the show, all she wanted was for her family to be reunited again. She’s not only willing to die for them, but kill for them as well.

7. Sarah Connor, The Sarah Connor Chronicles

When we talk about badass mothers, we couldn’t ever leave out Sarah Connor. The youngins might not know this, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a spin-off from the Terminator franchise. She’ll do anything and everything to protect her son, John, the future leader of the human resistance.

6. Mrs. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

You might hate Mrs. Bennet while you watch Pride and Prejudice, but imagine having a mother so determined to see that you have a good life that she would swallow her own pride just to make sure you get married off to a wealthy gentleman. While inconvenient by today’s standards, Mrs. Bennet is a headstrong woman that loves her children and just wants to see them prosper.

5. Catelyn Tully, Game of Thrones

A fierce woman, Catelyn Tully cannot be trifled with. She’s evolved into a she-wolf due to her marriage to a Stark while bringing up her children with Tully values in tact. Catelyn runs everything, and she might be overbearing at times, but she’s willing to fight tooth and nail for her children if it comes down to it.

4. Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time

The evil queen herself, Regina Mills might be the bad guy in people’s lives, but when it comes to her son, there’s nothing Regina wouldn’t do and no one she would sacrifice in order to protect him. Another fierce woman with so much power in her hands, Regina isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if it means giving her child a good life.

3. Joyce Byers, Stranger Things

Joyce is not only a single mom that’s raising two children on her own, but add to that the fact that there are monsters after her kids and she transforms into a superhero. If you have Joyce on your side, she’ll do everything in her power and even beyond it just to make sure you win a fight.

2. Molly Weasley, Harry Potter

A powerful momma bear, Molly Weasley single-handedly killed one of the Harry Potter franchise’s baddest baddies, Bellatrix Lestrange, all to protect her children who were in danger. She’s often overlooked for being the typical nag that’s overbearing and too much sometimes, but when it comes down to it, she will risk her life for her children.

1. Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

The baddest b*tch in town, we can’t help but love Cersei Lannister. Yes, people consider her one of the “bad guys”, but that doesn’t stop her from being a mother. She’s smart and cunning, and with the power she holds on the kingdom, she’d stop at nothing to make sure that the future of her children is secure. Despite her tactics backfiring, we’d still want Cersei on our side on any fight.

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