7 young local wedding gown designers for when you plan to tie the knot

Half of the year is over meaning… It’s the wedding season once again!

They say that when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life. But you know what else will always be remembered? Your wedding gown. Because you’ll be keeping it forever and it can even be passed to your daughter or the next generation.

Girl, that is why you gotta make the right choice when it comes to picking your designer! We’ve handpicked these young local wedding gown designers for your choice of preferences. Scroll down to see who they are!

7. Vania Romoff


Her bridal and evening range are mostly soft and flowy fabrics that have striking neckline and impeccable sleeve details. Oh! Don’t forget Romoff’s signature bows.

6. Rosenthal Tee


Tee started designing in 2013. A year later, she was already part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Malaysia. She is known for her eye-catching structural elements. Imagine those styles with sequins, lace, and sheer details. Also some complex beadwork and amazing embroidery techniques.

5. Patricia Santos


She is known for all the intricate and bejeweled details that make a wedding gown even more romantic. Santos’ creations are more modern and sexy as she uses a combination of superior craftsmanship and exquisite materials.

4. Maureen Disini


Disini is a stylist that later on became a fashion designer. Her breakthrough in bridalwear was last 2011. She creates feminine and classical pieces. Whether it’s tulle embroidery or sheer details, she crafts minimal with dainty twist wedding gowns.

3. Mark Bumgarner


He is a master of embellished ballgowns. Bumgarner will make your wedding like a fairytale by adding some oversized bows, sweetheart necklines, and intricate beading to your gown. But now, he showcases simpler designs while still giving that wow-factor on his creations through different cuts, silhouettes, and fabrications.

2. Hannah Kong


Most of Kong’s works are more detail oriented and personal. Her creation highlights femininity, originality, timelessness, elegance, and detailed artwork. She focuses more on the fading art of embroidery and beadwork making her pieces.

1. Francis Libiran


You may know him through different local and international celebrities. Libiran uses his background in architecture to make romantic yet interesting gowns. His creations are more on art deco patterns, cutouts, intricate embellishments, and custom embroidery.

Future brides, have you made up your mind? Who’s your pick? Let us know in the comments section!