7 Witty Planners Planners and Organizers That Will Keep You Sane This 2023

As the new year draws closer each day, it’s also time to shop for new planners!

You can always choose to get the usual minimalist planners with just enough space for monthly calendars and daily to-do lists, or you can choose a planner with a lot more wit and sass.

These sassy and witty planners are sure to cheer you up and give you a boost of motivation on those lazy days.

“Wala nang mas Organized pa sa Akin” Weekly Planner

witty planner 1

Photo from Lazada

We stan a confident queen! This weekly planner notepad exudes enough confidence that can get you through the busy week.

For each day, you get to list down 5 priority tasks, and it allows you to tick off each task once you’re done. You can even indicate if you finished it a couple of hours ahead of schedule for that extra boost of morale.

This weekly planner is also filled with relatable statements such as “Postponed kasi may nagpa-postpone (Obviously hindi ako!)” and “Other tasks? Maliit na bagay”.

Buy this “Wala nang mas Organized pa sa Akin” Weekly Planner here!

“Walang Imposible” Weekly Planner

witty planner 2

Photo from Lazada

This weekly planner pad is more straightforward but also a bit more inspirational.

It features spaces for your daily tasks each week, as well as your priority tasks for the week.

This planner also has a Bible verse as a reminder and inspiration for those days when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Buy this “Walang Imposible” Weekly Planner here!

“Plano ni Lord” 2023 Planner

witty planner 3

Photo from Lazada

Here’s another inspirational yet still relatable planner that will help you go through 2023 with your sanity intact.

Aside from monthly calendars, this planner also includes space for your prayer list, prayers for others, and even a space to list all your monthly dues. It’s a great way to look back on all the prayers that got answered during the year!

Buy this “Plano ni Lord” 2023 planner here!

“Planner ng Tamad” Reusable Planner Board

witty planner 4

Photo from Lazada

If you’re one who prefers a massive planner that you can see in an instant, this reusable planner board is for you—especially with its witty lines.

It’s mostly for daily use, with spaces for you to write down the things that are “nakakatamad gawin” and “mga pwede iutos sa iba”.

This planner board keeps it real while helping you keep your daily to-do list organized.

Buy this “Planner ng Tamad” reusable planner board here!

“Para sa Sarili Naman Ngayong Taon” Planner

witty planner 5

Photo from Lazada

This undated planner is filled with inspirational statements that will remind you to take care of yourself and prioritize self-care this year.

Of course, because this is a planner from the beloved witty brand Linya-Linya, you can be sure that you’ll find real-talk statements in this planner, too.

Buy this “Para as Sarili Naman Ngayong Taon” planner here!

The “Pampasipag” Weekly Planner Pads

witty planner 6

Photo from Lazada

These weekly planner pads will let you organize your tasks for the week and give you a slap of reality with their witty statements.

Remember: “Keep Going. Wala kang choice–hindi ka prinsesa ng Genovia.”

Buy this “Pampasipag” weekly planner here!

“The Missing Princess” Planner

witty planner 7

Photo from Lazada

If work is (still) life this coming 2023, this planner will make every work day a lot more bearable with its witty remarks, quizzes to find out how tita you are, and real talk reminders of why you need to go to work the next morning.

This planner is packed with lots of wit and space for your to-do lists and events.

Buy this “The Missing Princess” planner here!

Which planner are you getting this coming year?

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