Control Your Time: 7 Ways to Manage Your Time Properly as a Student

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Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.15.59 PMSchool can be tough. There are days when you look into the sun with a smile, feel free as a bird, and feel as inspired as ever. However, there are also days wherein all you would want to do is sulk in a corner, avoid the sun, and just bask in the thoughts of never leaving your room to face the dreaded responsibilities school has brought upon you.

Given the responsibilities, it can be frustrating to not know which one to choose first, which to put last, which to prioritize, and when to rest! It is important to know how to properly schedule your day, so that you get to optimize each day as much as you can. And you can do this by trying to incorporate some of these time management tips!

7 Ways to Manage Your Time Properly as a Student

7. Analyze Your Situation.

First and foremost, let us clear the air. What year are you in? Are you a student athlete? A scholar? An organization president? Knowing where you stand as of the moment will give you a good basis on setting your goals.

6. Set Your Goals.

What are you currently trying to achieve? Is it to be part of the dean’s list? Go to the gym four times a week? Set and write down your goals so you can see the things you want to reach on paper.

5. Set Your Priorities Straight.

Now that you have your goals written down, think about what you want to prioritize first. Different students have different priorities. Ponder on what you believe can get you to your goals first.

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4. Create a Schedule.

Find an organizing tool that can help you keep track of your busy school schedule. This way, you won’t miss things and you will always remember to keep your responsibilities in check. Find time for socializing after your responsibilities, but of course make sure you still get the right amount of sleep needed, so that you have enough energy to go about your busy schedule!

3. Keep Things Realistic But Flexible.

Once you have your schedule laid out, make room for possible delays in your schedule. Things might take longer than you expect. You never know when you’ll bump into a classmate, a long time friend, or even your professor to chat about something. That would take up time. Without leaving any flexible room for these possible circumstances, you might delay your schedule, and we do not want that.

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2. Relax.

Having a busy schedule while trying to make school and friends work? It can be tough and may leave you low on energy all the time. It is important to put your health first, so make sure you are get your needed amount of food everyday. Also, doing something that relaxes you once in a while is a good idea. Whether it is playing sports, reading a good book, or catching up on that new TV series you have been eyeing, give it a go! Just remember that too much of everything is bad.

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1. Stay on Track.

Great! You have set things out, know what to prioritize, and have been following your schedule. But it is important to assess constantly whether or not you have created a schedule that works for you. Keep in mind that assessing your schedule may help you with getting your responsibilities done, as well as having time to relax.

In case you are still in the look for a great app to organize your schedule, I recommend trying out a calendar app, Cal which links to a task manager app Any.Do so you can make sure to be on time with your schedule and finish your responsibilities!

Cal – Google Calendar + Widget



Any.Do – Task Manager




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