7 Times When an All-Natural Juice Drink Is the Better Option [GIVEAWAY ALERT]



People these days lead such busy lifestyles that it’s hard to take care of one’s body. We do so much at school or at work that the first thing we want to do when we get home is collapse on the bed and sleep.

Because of our hectic schedules, it’s easier to just eat quick but unhealthy meals. But the irony is that in order to provide #maximumslayage, we have to exercise and eat right.

For those always on the go, exercising can be as simple as taking the stairs or taking a walk. And for those who want to boost their nutrition, all-natural juice drinks are convenient ways to be more mindful about their ~*life choices*~.

Below are seven times when an all-natural juice drink is the better option (than just living unhealthily):


7. When you want to #slay as the #boss

You need to be healthy and have tons of energy to #slay. Apple juice has vitamin C to boost your immunity and make sure you’re always healthy. You can’t be Beyonce if you’re always sick!


6. When you want to have a fun night out but you don’t want to drink

Wine is made of grapes, so drinking grape juice is pretty much like drinking wine, without the headsplitting hangover the following day. In fact, some studies have suggested that red and purple grape juices have some of the benefits of wine, including maintaining healthy blood pressure and preventing damage to blood vessels. Is it a weeknight? No problem. Have some grape juice.


5. When you want to lose weight

Sodas and sweetened juices are full of sugar and other unhealthy chemicals, which help pack on the pounds. If you’re watching your figure, all-natural juices are better because it has all the nutrients and the same (real) taste. Grape juice acts as a laxative, while apple juice is high in fiber, so you can flush the fat away.


4. When you want to calm down

Life gets so toxic (given the political climate in the Philippines) that it’s so tempting to hibernate and come out when the craziness is over. Alas, you can’t go off the grid in the social media capital of the world, so you just have to grin and bear it. Apple and grape juices make it worth your while because of its polyphenol content, which lowers blood pressure.


3. When you want to flush out the negativity from your life

We all talk about getting rid of the negative influences from our life while stuffing our faces with fastfood and processed junk. Like our “friends,” processed food are high in calories but offer little to no nutritional value. Unfriend them and stop hanging out with them. At the same time, flush out the negative influences from your inside by taking in lots of antioxidants. The toxins, or free radicals, in your body cause many diseases, and juices filled with antioxidants are the yummy equivalent of a social media block.


2. When you want to be immortal

Well, not really. But juices are perfect for when you want to look young because of its antioxidant content. No need to schedule a trip to the surgeon!


1. When you don’t want to break your heart

We mean this literally. Having too much cholesterol will eventually take its toll on your body, especially your heart. A coronary artery can become blocked, leading to a heart attack. It might be hard to say no to lechon or bagnet, but moderation will help in the long run. Juices can also reduce the formation of blood clots, thus lowering your risk. It will make that bagnet meal even more satisfying.

Great Lakes has just launched two new variants to its line of all-natural fruit juices: 100% Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grapes. It does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring, nor does it have added sugar.

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